EmailShare. When Beyond the Grave by Jude Watson came out, I was super excited. It was the fourth book in The 39 Clues, an exciting. Beyond the Grave is the fourth book in The 39 Clues, and is written by Jude Watson. "MESSAGE FROM THE DEAD. The 39 Clues, Book Four: Beyond the Grave. by Jude Watson. When Grace Cahill passed away, relatives oozed out of the woodwork in hopes.


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Beyond the Grave (The 39 Clues #4) by Jude Watson

Dan then draws the other two from memory, puts the sheets of paper together and sees the correct tomb which turns out to be the tomb of 39 clues book 4. Then Theo, Hilary's grandson takes them there even though its under renovation because he's a tour guide.


In the tomb they get lost and nearly killed by Irina but they manage to get out but are trapped on an island crowded with alligators by Jonah which they eventually escape. The next day they found out that Hilary and Theo were against them and use them as a lure to send Irina elsewhere.

In the audiobook, there is an audio extra of a game show between Grace Cahill, Hillary Vale and someone 39 clues book 4 called Martin Brown, with Ekaterinas interrupting the game.

She has very convenient talents. Finally, I was somewhat disappointed with the way things ended up with Hilary. I would have liked for this relationship to end differently. I must add that the titles of the books have double significance. It's a cool play on words, which, by the way, is how the clues are discovered in all the books.

This book was another exciting adventure that has me waiting 39 clues book 4 read the 39 clues book 4 book in this fun series suitable for all ages.

The 39 Clues - Book 4

They were tailed by Irina Spasky,but escape to a store with an Egyptian goddess statue,the Sakhet. They go to the hotel Excelsior and find the Ekaterina stronghold.

They use the Sakhet to successfully fool Irina into thinking that she has to go to RabatMorocco. They go to Aswan for 39 clues book 4 island Philae and the next clue.

After an unsuccessful attempt to find the clues under the Nile 39 clues book 4 with Alistair, Amy and Dan find something leading them back to Cairo. After arriving, they find a store which Grace once visited. The store owner, Sami, gives them a Senet board.

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