Agency law has nonetheless been neglected in legal research. The problem is . agency law and illustrate with the classic case of Watteau v. Two High Court cases decided within 18 months of each other have raised the The High Court has considered how and when an agency agreement comes to. Agency: Agency, in law, the relationship that exists when one person or party (the individual cases have produced further refinements in the law of agency.


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This may be express or implied from agency law cases principal's behavior, e. Liability[ edit ] Liability of agent to third agency law cases edit ] If the agent has actual or apparent authority, the agent will not be liable for acts performed within the scope of such authority, as long as the relationship of the agency and the identity of the principal have been disclosed.

Law of agency - Wikipedia

When the agency is undisclosed or partially disclosed, however, both the agent and the principal are liable. Where the principal agency law cases not bound because the agent has no actual or apparent authority, the purported agent is liable to the third party for breach of the implied warranty of.

Liability of agent to principal[ edit ] If the agent has acted without actual authority, but the principal is nevertheless bound because the agent had apparent authority, the agent is liable to indemnify the principal for any resulting loss or damage. Liability of principal to agent[ edit ] If the agent has acted within the scope of the actual authority given, the principal must indemnify the agent for payments made during the course of the relationship whether the expenditure was expressly agency law cases or merely necessary in promoting the principal's business.

An agent owes the principal a number of duties. An agent can represent the interests of more than one principal, conflicting or potentially conflicting, only after full disclosure and consent of the principal.

An agent must not usurp an opportunity from the principal by taking it for himself or passing it on to a third party.

In return, the principal must make a full disclosure of all information relevant to the transactions that the agent is authorized to negotiate.

Termination[ edit ] Mutual agreement also through the principal agency law cases his authority. Through renouncing when agent hm self stop being an agent. The internal agency relationship may be dissolved by agreement. Under sections to of the Indian Contract Actan agency may come to an end in a variety of ways: Withdrawal by the agent agency law cases however, the principal cannot revoke an agency coupled with interest to the prejudice of such interest.

An agency is coupled with interest when the agent himself has an interest in the subject-matter of the agency, e.

Agency | law |

Alternatively, agency may be terminated by operation of law: If agency law cases does, he is liable to compensate the agent for the loss caused to him thereby.

Agency law cases same rules apply where the agent, renounces an agency for a fixed period. Notice in this connection that want of skill, continuous disobedience of lawful orders, and rude or insulting behavior has been held to be sufficient cause for dismissal of an agent. Further, agency law cases notice has to be given by one party to the other; otherwise, damage resulting from want of such notice, will have to be paid s.

The termination does not take effect as regards the agent, till it becomes known to him and as regards third party, till the termination is known to them s. Some states opt for the partnership as no more than an aggregate of the natural persons who have joined the firm.

Castillo v. Case Farms of Ohio

Others treat the partnership as a business entity and, like a corporationvest the partnership with a separate legal personality. Hence, for example, in English lawa partner is the agent of the other partners whereas, in Scots law where there is a separate personality, a partner is the agent of the partnership.

This form of agency is inherent in the status of a partner and does not arise out of a contract of agency with agency law cases principal. The English Partnership Act provides that a partner who acts within the scope of his actual authority express or implied will bind the partnership when he does anything in the ordinary course of carrying on partnership business.

Even if that implied authority has been agency law cases or limited, the partner will have apparent authority unless the third party knows that the authority has been compromised.

Hence, if the partnership wishes to limit any partner's authority, agency law cases must give express notice of the limitation to the world.


However, there would be little substantive difference if English law was amended: For these purposes, the knowledge of the partner acting will be imputed to the other partners or the firm if a separate personality.

The other partners or the firm agency law cases the principal and third parties are entitled to assume that the principal has been informed of all relevant information. This causes problems when one partner acts fraudulently or negligently and causes loss to clients of the firm.

In most states, a distinction is agency law cases between knowledge of the firm's general business activities and the confidential affairs as they affect one client. Thus, there is no imputation agency law cases the partner is acting against the interests of the firm as a fraud.


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