Prohibición: Una vieja Guerra, un nuevo debate (Buenos Aires: Libros del Zorzal, . Bruce Bagley and Aline Hernández, “Crimen organizado en México y sus. Aline Hernandez Hot | Mis Nenas Desnudas: Fotos de Aline Hernandez en hot lenceria en. recogida en el libro: GALINDO, F. (ed.) .. Universidad Miguel Hernández. 1 ALFA y LEFIS, y cuyos principales resultados en forma de libros blancos y ficha.


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And now, in a case that is being seen throughout Latin America as a battle between aline hernandez libro and moralities, she is accused of corrupting young girls. Gloria de los Angeles Trevino Ruiz - aline hernandez libro Gloria Trevi, as she is better known - spent her 30th birthday behind bars in Brazil last week, where she has been since her arrest on January She had been on the run for more than three months, rumoured to be in Los Angeles, Santiago, Texas and Germany.

This week she is facing extradition proceedings which could return her to Mexico, where aline hernandez libro is due to stand trial. Trevi's story starts more than 15 years ago, when a feisty year-old from a middle-class Mexican family left home aline hernandez libro started on her career as a performer.

She could dance, sing, compose, drum and play the piano, and she soon set about showing that she could shock, too.

In a country where performers still tended to be dutiful and conventional, the time was ripe for someone who was ready to kick over the traces. She burst on the scene with an exotic stage persona - all torn fishnets, striptease and punky hair, with songs to match.

She found a manager, Sergio Andrade, who, at a time when Madonna was conquering the world, quickly realised Trevi's potential.

Andrade, the brother of a Mexican senator, was already a successful songwriter and had managed a number aline hernandez libro other young women singers, although none had achieved the fame his new charge would attain.

Aline Hernández

Trevi's first three CDs sold more than 5m copies and she could pack stadiums with 20, fans, delighted to see and hear someone so naughty and dangerous. No wonder she became known as La Atrenida - the insolent one. Just as important as the medium she chose to reach her audience were the ideas she delivered through it: Aline hernandez libro became a symbol of fearless feminism, and both her teenage fans and many older, Mexican intellectuals admired her for her libertarian stance and her daring.

While her message was sometimes deadly serious, Trevi's performances were full-on rock: The shows were sensational, whether she was beating out aline hernandez libro rhythm with flaming drumsticks or pulling young men on to the stage and stripping them.

As her fame and success on stage grew, she capitalised on her notoriety by posing nude for calendars - the last one showed her wearing nothing but a devil's forked aline hernandez libro - and as a naked version of Adelita, one of the heroines of the Mexican revolution.

The shaming of a she-devil | Global | The Guardian

The Catholic hierarchy denounced her godlessness, which only added to her mystique. InAndrade's young ex-wife, Aline Hernandez, published a book aline hernandez libro which she claimed that Andrade lured her into a relationship when she was just She married him at the age of Hernandez portrayed Trevi and Andrade as sinister and manipulative.

The book made waves, but aline hernandez libro meatier allegations were dismissed as the product of Mexico's generally venomous aline hernandez libro world. Then, gradually, the parents of other teenage girls who had also been part of Andrade's stable of young performers started to make the same allegations: Last November, after specific allegations made by the parents of one of the girls, Karina Yapor, the state of Chihuahua issued a wanted poster for Trevi and Andrade.


Yapor's parents claimed that Andrade had seduced their daughter, who had gone to him for music lessons when she was It was claimed that she had had a child by Aline hernandez libro in Spain when she was 15 and the baby had been left in a Spanish orphanage.

By the time the Mexican authorities went looking for them, Andrade and Trevi had slipped from view. He had aline hernandez libro left Mexico more than two years ago; she had last been heard of giving an interview to a Miami-based television station in spring of last year.

Speculation on the streets and in the press was rife.

The shaming of a she-devil

Were the allegations simply part of an internal showbusiness feud? Was Trevi an innocent party?


Would they ever return to Mexico? Then, just when it was rumoured that they were hiding out in the US, news came of their arrest in a Rio de Janeiro apartment one block from the Copacabana beach; the porter at their apartment building had thought they aline hernandez libro just a bunch of "dirty hippies".


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