Editorial Reviews. Review. An Amazon Best Book of February An All the Birds in the Sky - Kindle edition by Charlie Jane Anders. All the Birds in the Sky has ratings and reviews. Emily May said: This is one weirdass book. A good kind of weird, but it definitely isn't f. As I was reading Charlie Jane Anders' sparkling debut novel, All the Birds in the Sky, Elon Musk released the first photos of his gigantic.


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The side characters were heartless assholes, like Does this book actually deserve the vitriol I've hurled at it?

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But every once in a while, we are all allowed to unapologetically, irrationally loathe something. If you want to read a fantasy novel about unlikable people being dicks to each other and making horrible mistakes, please read The Magicians by All the birds in the sky Grossman instead, because that book actually has a plot, and character growth, and a well-developed consistent theme, and it's written so.

All the Birds in the Sky - Wikipedia

Or, you know, read All the Birds in the Sky, because Lev Grossman blurbed it and said it was great "a magnificent novel" and "unmissable". I could just be really, really wrong, but a part of me says I'm not.


Their time at school, however, does not last long and they soon become separated. Patricia runs away after being accused of witchcraftand with the help of a bird, becomes one and flies away; she is intercepted by a magician who enrolls her in a school for witches.

SF : All the Birds in the Sky / Charlie Jane Anders ★★★★

Laurence is sent to a military reform school by his parents for his non-conforming behavior. Ten years later, the adult Patricia and Laurence bump into each other again at a party.

Patricia all the birds in the sky now a witch who can control and use her magical abilities, and has joined a witch's cabal. Laurence had escaped the reform school and now is part of a think tank of like-minded geeks building a wormhole generator.

Jason Heller With the world at stake, the book's protagonists grasp desperately for a way to apply their respective powers.

But are they for good or ill? Huge questions of ethics and responsibility play into the plot as the apocalypse looms — conundrums that Anders raises with sensitivity, complexity, and a keen eye all the birds in the sky the philosophical issues the human race faces as it ventures further into the future.

There aren't any swords or lasers in All the Birds in the Sky, but other tropes abound.


From robot fashion models to hacked smart devices to Red Dwarf marathons, All the Birds revels in geekdom. In that sense — as well as its fixation on post-adolescent angst meets inhuman ability — it's a lot like Lev Grossman's The Magicians.

Book Review: 'All The Birds In The Sky', By Charlie Jane Anders : NPR

Their own friendship is a little tug of war, both of them drawn to one another while also pulled apart by their awareness of the social liabilities they pose simply by being who they are.

Charlie Jane possibly owes a bit of a debt to Rowling here, as these scenes of her own heroes' abuse-ridden high-school all the birds in the sky manage to create in the reader the same mixed emotions of comedy and distress you may have felt reading of Harry Potter's maltreatment by the Dursleys.

But beyond that, Charlie Jane's story is entirely her own, and any reader who grew up feeling ostracized and alienated from their peers will find themselves relating here in ways many other stories won't let you connect with.

Charlie Jane has a gift for pithy turns of phrase and a prose style, honed by years in the blog trenches, that's brisk, wry and funny without being self-conscious about it. As adults, All the birds in the sky has been whisked away to a magical academy to train her talents, while Laurence's geek genius has led him into the lightning-paced world of tech startups, where his current employer is really into wanting to build wormholes.

There's happily nothing Hogwartsian about Patricia's school, which instills in her a determination to do small acts of kindness for random people while always being wary of the sin of Aggrandizement.

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