When Tobias, Jake, Rachel, Marco, and Cassie were given the ability to morph, they were also given one very important warning: Never stay in a morph for more. The Encounter has ratings and reviews. Ashley said: I never cared as a kid, but as an adult, wow; this book is bleak. Well, I shouldn't say. The Encounter, published in and written by K. A. Applegate, is the third book in the Animorphs series. It is narrated by ‎: ‎


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Animorphs 3 chases the fleeing Visser through the air in his northern harrier morph but is forced to demorphigniting the wrath of pitchfork-wielding citizens.

The Encounter (Animorphs, #3) by K.A. Applegate

Animorphs 3 and Jake come animorphs 3 his rescue, with Tobias and Ax storming into the church where the Visser has fled. Tobias chases him to the bell tower, where animorphs 3 has hidden the Time Matrix, but the former Visser Four escapes, fleeing to the Delaware crossing in Trenton, New Jersey.

Visser Four arrives in Trenton inwhere he warns the British and the Hessians about George Washington 's ambush.

Fearing that the Yeerk might be attempting to assassinate the "Father of [their] Country", Jake orders the Animorphs 3 to protect Washington at all costs. Jake and Marco, in their human forms, join one of the boats while Rachel and Tobias take to the air, Cassie electing to morph dolphin and stay hidden animorphs 3 the Delaware River while Ax remains animorphs 3 standby in Andalite form.

During the firefight, Jake is shot in the head, destroying the back part of his head and instantly killing him.

Animorphs # The Encounter

Enraged, Rachel takes command over the group and orders Ax to kill the Hessians. Animorphs 3 Ax protests that it was not their fault and animorphs 3 are not his enemies, Rachel pressures him to do his duty since his prince was killed. Ax decapitates the Hessian commanding officer just as Visser Four time jumps once more, this time toat Cape Trafalgar.


The Animorphs end up in nineteenth-century Spain, where Rachel, Marco and Tobias chase the Visser; Rachel almost catches him in chimpanzee morph, but she is blown in half by a cannonball and killed.

Enraged, Tobias and Marco pursue him as he flees into the ship, with Tobias ripping his ear off and Ax joining them, animorphs 3 he manages to cause the ship to explode before escaping through time once animorphs 3. However, his prior meddling in the timeline prevents Einstein animorphs 3 being at Princeton; additionally, his actions at the Delaware River crossing prevented the United States from being formed, and so the United States is now a British territory with ties to France.

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The Animorphs also follow him to Princeton, where Tobias regroups with Cassie. There, they come animorphs 3 a racist student, who refers to Cassie as a runaway colored slave and uses a racial slur.

Cassie then morphs into a polar bear to "turn white" and threatens him, before Rachel, Marco and Animorphs 3 show up.

Animorphs #3: The Encounter : Katherine A Applegate :

Tobias is surprised that Rachel is alive and kisses her, while Ax theorizes that since the deal was that one of them had to die, the Ellimist most likely stipulated that only animorphs 3 could die, thereby making the other Animorphs immortal for the rest of their journey through time.

Inside cover depicting the Animorphs in animorphs 3 battle morphs. Desperate to finish his agenda and ditch the Animorphs, the Visser travels to various destinations within seconds, hoping to lose his pursuers.

Confident that he has lost them, he travels to Normandy inintent on warning the Nazi Party about the Allied efforts on D-Day. But Rachel is just awesome. Infiltrating the Kandrona pool in The Invasion was kind of an accident, and in The Visitor they were always only gathering intel.


This is the first animorphs 3 they agree to do something to strike back against the Yeerks, hopefully exposing them to the animorphs 3 of the world. And it goes horribly wrong, almost from the first step.

Once again, Animorphs 3 is not pulling punches here. We have to watch Tobias listen to Rachel saying goodbye because they are trapped aboard this Yeerk ship.

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