Splines made to ANSI B will generally be interchange with spline made to in this standard. B. For 15 teeth or less, the minor diameter of the internal. Hello everybody I need to specify an internal spline correctly I am using ansi B (from machinery's handbook, 28 ed) the specification is:  ANSI B and B Involute Splines - ANSI. K01 Flange SAE J - (A). Hub for splined shaft to ANSI Ba 5/8 in 9T 16/32 DP. 1) (SAE J - (A)) section A - B to pump mounting flange.


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This circle along with the tooth tip circle or start of chamfer circle determines the limits of tooth profile requiring control. It is located near the major circle on the internal spline and near the minor ansi b 92.1 on the external spline. Form Clearance cF is the radial depth of involute profile beyond the depth of engagement with the mating part.

It allows for looseness between mating ansi b 92.1 and for eccentricities between the minor circle internalthe major circle externaland their respective pitch circles.

Internal Spline is a spline formed on the inner surface of a cylinder. Involute Spline is one having teeth with involute profiles.


Lead Variation is the variation of the direction of the spline tooth from its intended direction parallel to the reference ansi b 92.1, also including parallelism and alignment variations see Fig. Ansi b 92.1 nonhelical splines have an infinite lead.

Length of Engagement Lq is the axial length of contact between mating splines. Machining Tolerance m is the permissible variation in actual space width or actual tooth thickness.

Internal and external spline teeth

Major Circle is the circle formed by the outermost surface of the spline. It is the outside circle tooth tip circle of the external spline or the root circle of the internal spline. Major Diameter Ansi b 92.1, Dri is the diameter of the major circle.

Minor Circle is the circle formed by the innermost surface of the spline. It is ansi b 92.1 root circle of the external spline or the inside circle tooth tip circle of the internal spline. Minor Diameter Dre, Di is the diameter of the minor circle.

Nominal Clearance is ansi b 92.1 actual space width of an internal spline minus the actual tooth thickness of the mating external spline.

It does not define the fit between mating members, because of the effect of variations.

Out of Roundness is the variation of the spline from a true circular configuration. Parallelism Variation is the variation of parallelism of a single spline tooth with respect to any other single spline tooth see Fig.

Pitch Ansi b 92.1 is the reference circle from which all transverse spline tooth dimensions are ansi b 92.1. Pitch Diameter D is the diameter of the pitch circle.

ANSI B SAE花键标准1_图文_百度文库

Pitch Point is the intersection of the spline tooth profile with the pitch circle. Unless otherwise specified, ansi b 92.1 is the standard pressure angle. Profile Variation is any variation from the specified tooth profile normal to the flank. Spline is a machine element consisting of integral keys spline teeth or keyways spaces equally spaced around a circle ansi b 92.1 portion thereof.

Stub Pitch Ps is a number used to denote the radial distance from the pitch circle to the major circle of the external spline and from the pitch circle to the minor circleof the internal spline.

The stub pitch for splines in this standard is twice the diametral pitch. Total Index Ansi b 92.1 is ansi b 92.1 greatest difference in any two teeth ansi b 92.1 or otherwise between the actual and the perfect spacing of the tooth profiles.

The numerator in this fractional designation is known as the diametral pitch and controls the pitch diameter; the denominator, which is always double the numerator, is known as the stub pitch and controls the tooth depth. For convenience in calculation, only the numerator is used in the formulas given and is designated as P.

Diametral pitch, as in gears, means the number of teeth per inch of pitch diameter.

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