Aspera SmartTrack increases SAM productivity with unlimited, shareable report dashboards. New version also protects data with deeper. Aspera provides software asset management products and services to enable the capabilities of both departments and with the support of Aspera SmartTrack.‎SmartTrack Platform · ‎Reviews · ‎SmartTrack FlowControl · ‎Working for Aspera. Choose business IT software and services with confidence. Read verified Aspera SmartTrack Software Asset Management (SAM) Tools Reviews from the IT.


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Aspera SmartTrack Reviews and Pricing -

Restrict access with permissions. Your SAM admin can restrict data and menu options for each user, such as access to certain vendors, products, organizational units, aspera smarttrack application features.

Mask sensitive data for GDPR.

SmartTrack can optionally mask the sensitive data of each user — such aspera smarttrack name, email, login and import ID — with permissions that are as restrictive as you need. Privacy by design and default. All features work with the least amount of personal data aspera smarttrack.

Check products for GDPR.

Aspera SmartTrack review

Get strategic with simulations Want to take cost saving to the next level? With SmartTrack Simulationyou can forecast your future savings by aspera smarttrack your licensing aspera smarttrack in a SAM sandbox. This powerful tool is a breakthrough in financial forecasting.


It lets you stage potential topologies and architectures to find true cost avoidance. Current Aspera clients have already realized over seven figures aspera smarttrack immediate savings. Analysis features online no need to aspera smarttrack to get to the data needed 3.


Basic - this is good the tool is basic by design basic and user friendly, Intuitive tool 5. Solid - we purchased the tool and a process, which is solid especially for the new SAM groups aspera smarttrack mine.

SmartTrack Platform for Software License Management

SmartTrack is powered by its unbeatable product catalog. Built on nearly two decades of solid SAM experience, aspera smarttrack Master Catalog is a centralized, automated source for your license data, recognition rules, and other ready-to-use information.

Aspera smarttrack, SmartTrack and the Master Catalog deliver unbeatable automation.

The catalog tracks aspera smarttrack trifecta: Our built-in signatures and rules go large and wide, matching the millions of inventory records. See it all in the Master Catalog Instant license metrics SmartTrack calculates exactly how many software licenses you need.

Powerful Features for Software License Optimization

It uses powerful Metric Engine technology aspera smarttrack both complex server metrics and simpler client-side metrics. When software vendors modify their license metrics, or introduce new products and new metrics, the database is updated by our dedicated team of licensing specialists.


SmartTrack measures clear-cut metrics for desktops, laptops, cloud, and mobile. Each user, device, or installation requires one aspera smarttrack.

SmartTrack measures metrics that are more complicated, such as type of virtualization or hardware attributes like sockets, cores, and PVUs.

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