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In this paper it'll be examined the real results of the globalization process and its impacts on the pheripheric capitalisms. A strict analysis of the accelerated process of the mundialization of the international economy also demonstrates the renewed importance of the domestic markets and atilio boron the atilio boron remaining of the national state.

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Therefore, its necessary to distinguish between the objective processes and the mythological reconstructions about globalization. The "only game in town," we are said, is neoliberalism. As atilio boron matter of fact since atilio boron violent incorporation into the expanding world-economy, with the "discovery and conquest" started inthe aboriginal peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean painfully learnt that capitalism is a global system, and that as such it can coexist and coalesce for centuries with slavery and servitude.

The atilio boron cost of this early insertion into the capitalist global markets was the radical decimation of the pre-Colombian population from some 50 millions to barely 6 millions a century and a half later on.

This historical fact is one of the reasons by which just one hundred atilio boron fifty years ago Marx and Engels wrote, in one of the most celebrated passages of the Communist Manifesto, that " t he need of a atilio boron expanding market for its products chases the bourgeoisie over the entire surface of the globe.

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The bourgeoisie has, through its exploitation of the world market, given a cosmopolitan character to production and consumption in every country.

All old-established national industries have been destroyed or are daily being destroyed In place of the old wants, satisfied by the production atilio boron the country, we find new wants, requiring for their satisfaction the products of distant lands and atilio boron.


Globalization, that in contemporary neoliberal hermeneutics appears as the "great novelty" of our time, had already been observed and its main trends anticipated with breathtaking precision by mid nineteenth century.

What is the meaning of all this? In the prevailing neoliberal discourse on globalization there is much more of an apologetic fantasy than a sober, objective, assessment of "really existing" atilio boron societies.

The conventional vision of the phenomenon, extraordinarily disseminated through the mass-media, promotes a conformist image of globalization that is highly functional to the needs of neoliberalism and the global dominant classes.

Yet, the former does not imply to deny the existence of three novel developments in the present stage of capitalist development: In the case of the financial flows from the United States to Latin American and the Caribbean it is worth-while to note that almost half of all that goes to Bermudas, the Cayman Islands and a few other tax shelters in the Caribbean, certainly areas not distinguished by their performance as manufacturers or techological innovations in high-tech productive process.

Moreover, it is estimated that some 95 percent of all the financial flows that today cross the world in all directions are purely especulative, unrelated to the real economy and, needless to say, the general welfare of the populations Chomsky, By comparison, the "capitalist world" at the beginning of this century was much more narrow atilio boron circumscribed: At the end of the same century the scope of the "capitalist world" has enlarged to reach formidable dimensions, and its laws of motion decisively shape even countries like China, Cuba and Vietnam, unable to uncouple from the fierce mercantile logic of the world economy.

These technological advances sanctioned the triumph atilio boron time over space, and the world radically " compressed" by the un-heard speed of communications that in just nanoseconds are able to travel from one end to the other of the planet.

Atilio Boron: De la guerra infinita a la crisis infinita

Needless to say that this enormous technological progress transferred fabulous economic, political and symbolic power resources to the hands of the global "pact of domination" that controls such instruments. Countertrends Yet, a sober look at the "real" -as opposed to the mythological - functioning of the capitalist atilio boron allows to assess the atilio boron extent of globalization.

First of all some basic data should be reminded: That means that the world exports account for less than 20 atilio boron of the total world output. Moreover, 9 out of 10 workers produce for their respective home markets Ferrer, The so called "export-led growth" which the ideologues of the Workd Bank persistently promote as a development strategy fails to capture this crucial reality of advanced capitalist economies: By comparison, atilio boron strategy fostered by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund -widely publicized and adopted by Third World countries - perversely combines depressed domestic markets, with high levels of unemployment and low salaries, with the supposed buoyancy of the export business.

If the figures of "commercial liberalization" are examined the results are at odds with the prevailing dogma:

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