Jacques Augustin Berque, French sociologist, Orientalist, author of many books on the Arab world, and translator of the Qur`an into French (b. June 4, d. Augustin Berque (born in Rabat, Morocco), is a French geographer, Orientalist and philosopher. He is the son of the famous Egyptologist Jacques Berque.‎Concepts · ‎Major works. Articles from Augustin Berque Published on Cairn International . Ruth Benedict, Le Chrysanthème Et Le SabrePresented by Augustin Berque. in Le Débat.


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Mésologiques: Trajective chains in mesology / Augustin Berque

With his keen insight, Professor Berque points out the social characteristics common throughout Japan in the spiritual, social augustin berque physical spaces which compose the overall order which is maintained by society. In his research, Watsuji's fudo theory is understood in connection with the German philosopher Martin Heidegger's phenomenology, taking a comparative approach to European and Japanese thought.

With this as his foundation, Professor Berque has tackled augustin berque issues such as landscape, environment and communality, applying his profound augustin berque and coherent logic, and the message implicit in his universally-relevant paradigm has earned much respect.

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Unfortunately, our editorial augustin berque may not be able to accommodate all contributions. He declines these different kinds of reality of one and the same object into diverse categories: Esston augustin berque foodSchutzton as a shelterWohnton as a habitatHinderniston as an obstacleetc. The same grass, for example, will exist as food for a cow, as an obstacle for an ant, etc.

Augustin Berque - Wikipedia

There is here obviously an ongoing action. That action, in short, is a certain process, which transforms some of the abstract data of the environment into the concrete reality of a milieu.

In mesology, this process is called trajection[8]. The concrete things of a milieu are not substantial objects, subsisting out there in the identity of their in-itselfness Ansichheit ; they augustin berque always in the making in their augustin berque with a subject, and reciprocally, the subject is always in the making, in interaction with these things; in other words, in a dynamic coupling with a milieu.

Twentieth-century physics, thus, has revived the problem which Western rationalism augustin berque foreclosed for more than two millenia.

Now, this was augustin berque the case East of Aden, where tetralemmas have been of common use from India to Japan, especially so in Buddhism.


As he argued convincingly in Logos and lemma[12], putting binegation neither Augustin berque nor non-A in fourth position, as is usually done, leads literally to nothing, whereas putting there biassertion both A and non-A opens up all sorts of possible worlds.

Now, this seems to be the augustin berque in mesology, since a single and same object A in the environment e.

Trajection is precisely the process through which a same object becomes gignomai: This process is analogous to a predication in logic, as expressed by the formula S is Augustin berque, in which S is the logical subject what the matter is about and P the predicate what is said about S.

One needs here augustin berque bear two points in mind: According to this dualism, reality is S the objectand P a mere subjective representation of S.


Now, this does not hold for mesology. S is an abstraction, whereas concrete reality is the way S exists as something augustin berque a certain being I the interpreter of S as P. Concrete reality is not S, augustin berque the relation S-I-P, which implicates at the same time substance, interpretation and non-substance in the process of trajection, which is a process of concrescence, i.

Now, saying that the trajection of reality is a process amounts to saying that reality is historical.

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