Meaning of bacteremia in the Portuguese dictionary with examples of use. PORTUGUESE WORDS THAT BEGIN LIKE BACTEREMIA . bacteremia oculta. 3. Occult bacteremia in Sótero del Río Hospital: Experience after Background: Occult bacteremia (OB) is one of the possible diagnoses of children younger than. Bacteremia is the presence of viable bacteria in the circulating blood. This may or may not have any clinical significance because harmless,  Missing: oculta ‎| ‎Must include: ‎oculta.


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The editors have built Bacteremia: This is likely related to multiple factors: Richard Starlin, 3 Pediatric Emergency Medicine widespread use of the Hib vaccine, two studies have reported the overall rate of bacteremia oculta bacteremia to be between 1.

Many more cases of FWS than of occult bacteremia occur. Bacteremia oculta Crocetti, Michael A. Oski, 5 Moffet's Bacteremia oculta Infectious Diseases: The incidence of occult bacteremia secondary to Hib has decreased because of the widespread use of conjugated Hib vaccine.

The prognosis of occult bacteremia has, therefore, changed; this is discussed in more detail later. Children 3 to 36 mo of age It is important to note that any febrile infant, regardless of immunization history, who appears seriously ill or toxic requires complete clinical and laboratory evaluation CBC with differential, blood cultures, urine cultures, lumbar puncture, and, in most cases, admission to the hospital with empiric antimicrobial therapy.

Unimmunized, underimmunized, and immunocompromised febrile infants in this age range are more susceptible to SBI than their peers and also typically require bacteremia oculta same full clinical and laboratory evaluation for SBI bacteremia oculta empiric antibiotics.

BACTEREMIA - Definition and synonyms of bacteremia in the Portuguese dictionary

Children with dyspnea or low oxygen saturation should also have chest x-ray. In previously immunized febrile infants aged 3 to 36 mo who appear well nontoxicthe risk of bacteremia is now as low or even lower than the rate of false-positive blood cultures due to skin contaminants, leading many bacteremia oculta to forego blood cultures in these children.

Bacteremia oculta, a urinalysis with microscopic examination and urine culture is typically recommended but not additional laboratory examination eg, CBC, chest-x-ray.


Although the vast majority of these children have a viral infection, a very small number of well-appearing children will have an early SBI so caretakers should be advised to monitor the child's symptoms, give antipyretics, and follow up with the clinician by visit or telephone depending on the circumstances and the caretakers' reliability in bacteremia oculta to 48 h.

Children who worsen or remain febrile should have testing done eg, CBC with differential, blood cultures, possibly chest x-ray or lumbar puncture. Algorithms have been developed to help guide evaluation of infants in this age group for one example, see Figure: This algorithm is sensitive for SBI but relatively nonspecific.

Bacteremia oculta, given the relatively low incidence of SBI even among the population of febrile young infants, the algorithm has a high negative predictive value but a low positive predictive value see Understanding Medical Tests and Test Results: Test Characteristicsmaking it much more effective in identifying children at low risk of infection who can be treated expectantly ie, SBI or bacteremia ruled out rather than in identifying children with true SBI or bacteremia.

Meaning of "bacteremia" in the Portuguese dictionary

Treatment Antibiotics empirically, for select patients pending culture results, as well as for those patients with bacteremia oculta cultures Antipyretics for discomfort Adequate hydration because of increased losses with fever and possible anorexia ; oral hydration if possible, parenteral if not Children who receive antibiotics before bacteremia is confirmed by blood culture seem less likely to develop focal bacteremia oculta, but data are inconsistent.

However, because of the low overall incidence of bacteremia, many children would receive unnecessary treatment if all who were tested were empirically treated.

As above, management varies by age and other clinical factors.

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