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Ray actively participated in the politics of a militantly nationalist revolutionary party such as Anushilan Samiti, and later was active in the Indian National Congress. He was deeply influenced by personalities like Gandhi, Nehru and Marx.

bangalir itihas


As a student of ancient Indian history and culture, bangalir itihas of the arts and religion, he was interested in the origin and evolution of India's traditional aesthetic, social bangalir itihas cultural patterns and values.

India's speculative thought as articulated in the Upanisads and the Aranyakas, into which Ray dived later in his life, largely shaped his vision and imagination. Equally deeply and vitally, he was affected by nineteenth century European positivist and materialist thought, particularly the ideas of Marx.

In his school days he got involved in social service work carried out by well-known revolutionary parties like Anushilan and Yugantar.

Speak, memory - Society & The Arts News - Issue Date: Apr 15,

He retained a close association with bangalir itihas former as late as During his college days he joined the non-cooperation movement as a student-volunteer and became involved in Congress activities at the village level. He participated in the Congress Satyagraha movement of the early thirties and then again in the Quit Bangalir itihas Movement of During the Quit India Movement, Ray was imprisoned in It was in the jail that he commenced his Bangalir Itihas.

After independence inRay lost the urge for politics and except for a spell of Bangalir itihas Sabha membership for eight years gave up active politics.

However, participation in politics had given Ray an insight into his country and brought him nearer to its people. Politics took him from one corner of the country to the other and afforded him the opportunity of coming into actual physical contact with people at all levels down and enabled him to know the country comprehensively.

Consequently, his ideas on and approaches to history and literature underwent changes. These changes were reflected in his Rabindra Sahityer Bhumikain which he attempted to present Tagore's creative writings in their social settings and to analyse how the latter affected the ideas, themes, characters, forms and styles of the former.

Book review: Nitish Sengupta's 'History of the Bengali-Speaking People'

bangalir itihas Niharranjan Ray was, indeed, a towering figure among my generation of historians. But not many scholars are familiar with his writings these days.

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  • Bangalir Itihas Adiparba By Niharranjan Roy
  • File:Van de Brook's map.jpg

The new edition of the English translation, which has done full justice to the bangalir itihas version, hopefully will rectify this. The translator, Dr John W. Hood is widely known for his books on Indian art cinema and has translated a variety of Bengali poetry and fiction into English.

This paperback edition contains bangalir itihas Foreword by renowned historian Professor Sumit Sarkar.

Bangalir itihas original edition also had a Foreword by Sir Jadunath Sarkar. The book will have a wide readership because apart from being bangalir itihas work of history it is not a story of kings and the extension of their power; but it is written in a style that reflects the life of ordinary people.

Bangalir Itihas Adiparba By Niharranjan Roy

In a way this classic work represents a momentous shift from the interpretation of history in political bangalir itihas and is remarkable for making the common people the centre of the historians attention.

This detailed and methodical bangalir itihas helps to understand the social and cultural history of Bengal.

In his Foreword to the original book, Sir Jadunath Bangalir itihas had said that a translation of an abridgement of this invaluable work should be published in English in English in order to reach a larger audience.

From there, Bengal came to the centrestage with the rise of the Bhakti cult in the medieval period, the reform movement of the 19th century and rapid industrialisation in the bangalir itihas years. Sengupta's account, though sketchy at some crucial points, never lacks in pace and has patches of superior narrative skill.

Like the story of Bakhtiar Khilji's onward march from Bengal to Tibet, followed by his ugly defeat. The author seems in a hurry in the latter chapters, which go on and on bangalir itihas familiar episodes.

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