Details on the general banking services terms and conditions for Commercial Bank of Qatar. If you have any question, please call us on + Terms and Conditions. Terms and Conditions. Expand AllClose All. Personal Banking. Terms and Conditions for Special MyntraOffer Sept '18 for HH Customers. Danske Bank Group. We are part of the Danske Bank Group. Read more at Visit C&I. Visit Danske Bank's website for the largest CI.


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Nationwide Bank Account Terms and Conditions - Nationwide

Occasionally we may not bank terms and conditions able to contact you to give you advance notice. If you have entered incorrect log on details on Internet Banking or Mobile Banking on several occasions we will suspend your access to the Mobile Banking App and Internet Banking.


If this happens, you can reset your log on details within Internet Banking provided you can identify yourself and answer our security questions. We will levy no charge for your cancellation of this licence.

In this case, you should also delete the Mobile Banking App from your mobile device. There has been or we suspect there has been fraud involving any of your accounts or any transactions on any of your HSBC accounts; or If there has been or we suspect there has been suspicious activity on your account; or We have reasonable grounds to suspect unauthorised or fraudulent use of your security details; or Bank terms and conditions the Mobile Banking App is withdrawn by the manufacturer of your mobile device operating system or, any intermediary or If we stop supporting the Mobile Banking App on your mobile device or the operating system it runs; or If you stop holding any account, product or service in respect of which the Mobile Banking App may be used; or if we reasonably consider that by continuing the contract: This can include Bank terms and conditions, a message when you log onto the App, by post, by e-mail, by secure e-message, by a message on your statement, or in any other way that will be sent to you individually.

We may also change the App Terms for any other valid reason. We will tell you about the changes by post, by e-mail, by secure e-message, or by placing details of the change within Internet Banking at least 2 months before the changes take effect.

If you do not tell us that you want to end this licence, then we will assume that you have accepted the change and it will take effect automatically. Upon request, the token device shall be delivered to the Customer using any means available which is considered suitable, or shall be collected by the Customer from any Bank branch at the price which the Bank may set from time to time; that price having been notified to the Customer.

The Bank shall not be liable for any malfunction or breakdown of the token device and shall not be obliged to provide the Customer with a new one after the warranty expires; the warranty being for one year from the date of purchase.

A new device shall only be provided where the Customer pays the cost of a replacement. The same shall also apply where it is impossible to promptly notify the Bank and request cancellation of the token device or to suspend access to the HSBC Internet Banking Service or via the HSBC Phone Banking Service, or by means of written confirmation using the relevant form at a Bank branch.

Moreover, the Customer acknowledges that whether an online order is received by the Bank on a business day is related and depends on the cut off times and currency cut off times which are available on the Service, before giving a payment instruction on the website www.

They are selected by the Customer upon registration for the Bank terms and conditions and can be changed by the Customer for others.

Personal Banking Terms and Conditions - Standard Chartered Singapore

The Customer shall be exclusively liable in full for any loss incurred due to failure to comply with these obligations where such loss is attributable to the Customer acting with intent or gross negligence.

The Customer must disconnect from and log out from the Service when the Service is not used to enter into transactions. Where the Customer deliberately delays or breaches in relation to the above, the Bank shall not be obliged to compensate the Customer for any loss the Customer bank terms and conditions incurred.

The Bank shall inform the Customer that where there are three unsuccessful attempts to log in Customer access to the Service will be automatically deactivated in order to safeguard the Customer. The Bank shall have no liability for any hardware, software or user manuals which a third party outside the Bank provides in bank terms and conditions to the Service or for any services via which the Customer has access to the Service which are not controlled by the Bank.

Upon registration of the Customer to the Service e-Advices are turned on automatically.

With e-Advices the paper copy is suppressed and the Customer receives the Advices bank terms and conditions secure e-message and can read from inbox. The Customer acknowledges that it is tis own responsibility to download and read each statement at least on a quarterly basis or monthly basis for credit cards.

Terms and Conditions

Failure to notify the Bank on any of the above within 15 days as of the uploading of each statement, shall be construed as an irrevocable acceptance of such statement. Indicatively, the Customer declares that it bank terms and conditions that when a transaction is authorised in this manner, use of the Customer identification procedure including the strong customer authentication procedure as applicable pursuant to the framework contract for payment services shall constitute the sole proof that the order and the relevant payment transaction are deemed to have been approved by the Customer.

In order to make any payment to or from a payment account in a currency other than the one in which the account is maintained, the currency shall bank terms and conditions converted at the exchange rate as shown in the Exchange Rate Bulletin available in-branch, via the internet, via the Service or via the HSBC Phone Banking Service.

Given that Business Bank terms and conditions for the Service rendering services is For future bank terms and conditions order the execution of such order will take place to be executed in a future date at The Customer acknowledges transactions which are entered into via the Service as being absolutely valid and accurate and the account balances which arise from such transactions, subject only to the case where the balances appear after notification by the Bank of any use of the Service by an unauthorised third party or deactivation of use of the Service.

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