Barbarians Led by Bill Gates: Microsoft from the inside: How the World's In this insider's account, Jennifer Edstrom, daughter of Bill Gates's P. R. guru, and. Barbarians led by Bill Gates by Jennifer Edstrom; 4 editions; First published in ; Subjects: Microsoft Corporation, Computer software. Barbarians Led by Bill Gates has ratings and 7 reviews. Shital said: This book is fascinating first hand stories directly from a dev lead who worked.


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The two authors' thin volume argues that Microsoft isn't the omnipotent, omnivorous capitalist force it appears to be; rather, it more often succeeds by accident as it lurches drunkenly from strategy to strategy, depending on the mood of the Committee of the Month.

Barbarians LED by Bill Gates - Jennifer Edstrom - Forums - CNET

Barbarians is blessed with ridiculously good timing, having arrived barbarians led by bill gates as the Justice Department sued Barbarians led by bill gates for allegedly violating the Sherman Antitrust Act, but cursed with a clumsy structure and spotty writing.

Edstrom, a journalist, is the daughter of longtime Microsoft uber-flack Pamela Edstrom; Eller worked at Microsoft for 13 years he helped craft Windows' clunky graphics infrastructure, which may not be quite the thing to brag about on one's resume. The two of them haven't produced any big insights here, but they do deliver some highly entertaining anecdotes about Microsoft's messy process of advance, retreat, reorganize, debug, then advance in a different direction.

One development head calls another's group "chimps," while Bill Gates curses out his minions: A meeting between competing user-interface development teams is "like a multiethnic family reunion in Sarajevo. The last third of the book aims to prove that Microsoft's weaving of its Internet Explorer browser software into Windows was basically a matter of expediency and dumb luck.

But these chapters, with their duller, largely quote-driven style, might as well have been stapled on.

Barbarians Led by Bill Gates - Wikipedia

Eller had left the company before most of these events took place, apparently leaving Edstrom to do most of the work here. Infect I find this book very well balanced and honestly written to give reader taste of what's going barbarians led by bill gates without any restraints and plenty of first hand communications.

The stories are written in very engaging and enterta This book is fascinating first hand stories directly from a dev lead who worked on various things in early Microsoft late 70s to early 90s. The stories are written in very engaging and entertaining way I tried to avoid barbarians led by bill gates book at night because I can't put it down making me get up late next morning!

There are barbarians led by bill gates many quotes, private communication, meetings etc disclosed that I find hard to believe that this book is even legally out and people haven't sued each other or may be they have.


For example, authors describe in full detail how team sent a spy to record prototype of first tablet from competitor company GO barbarians led by bill gates tried to copy it as Pen Windows product. It's tantalizing to know from a lead of Microsoft's little known Pen Windows that it's entire purpose was to put other company out of business and thereby eliminating threat to OS business.

He also gives first hand account of meetings that describes how Bill Gates was obsessed with first Mac and was pressing hard on Windows 1.

There are lots of inside stories that I'd barbarians led by bill gates elsewhere but actually originated from this book like the time when Steve Ballmer intentionally called 9 AM meeting on Easter Sunday without any real agenda and threatened to take attendance just to see if the team was "committed".

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Teamed with the daughter of one of Bill Gates's closest associates, thirteen-year Microsoft veteran Marlin Eller shows us what it barbarians led by bill gates like at every step along Gates's route to world domination, making all that's been written before seem like a rough guess.

If the Justice Department had Eller and Edstrom investigating the current-headline-making antitrust case, they would have on the record many of Microsoft's most respected developers directly contradicting the "authorized" version of events being presented in court.

They would know the real scoop on how Windows was developed in the first place, shedding new light on the Apple v.

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