1/4 Bascule JK Exercice 1 N. ROUSSAFI electr. Jump to Implantation à l'aide de bascules JK - Il faut utiliser le diagramme d'évolution de la bascule JK pour trouver les équations de récurrences sur. Dans le cas des bascules JK, le raisonnement est relativement semblable. Reprenons les équations. Pour une bascule D, on a: Q + =D Pour une bascule JK: Q.


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We will save this state and recognize the classification of the defect. When bascules jk of the counters 71 or 72 reaches a maximum value e. As long as the fault is present the output remains at 1.

Logique séquentielle/Implantation matérielle avec bascules D et bascules JK — Wikiversité

For reasons of integration resetting of the counters is performed, not with a resistor-conductor pattern creation of a delay but with the reset circuit 73 or 74 of Figure 5.

Chaque front descendant provoque bascules jk de la RAZ. The bascules jk of the reset circuit 73 or 74 is driven by the filtered output of a comparator 41 or Each falling edge causes the activation of the reset.

This circuit 73 or 74 provides a pulse of sufficient duration for the reset because it is defined by the holding time necessary at the input "Erase" of the D flip-flop or The output signal of the comparator 43 is injected into a counter 75 shown in Figure 4.

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This counter 75 is used to confirm the normal state and to detect defects not seen by the counters 71 and 72 bascules jk circuit between the two son or bus bascules jk communication.

This synchronous type of meter comprises two D flip-flops and and a latching flip-flop JK each receiving at the input "clock" the output signal of the comparator Consitute the last stage by the JK flip-flop stores the passage of a predetermined number of the output signal of the comparator bascules jk.

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As an indication that the predetermined number is 4. The counter reset is done only periodically by bascules jk supervisory signal from the clock circuit called "watch dog" and injected by the reset on flip-flops.

The signal called "watchdog" is bascules jk periodic pulse train. During the course of fault-free operation stations must get in touch at least once over the period bascules jk the said signal "watchdog".

So the period of said signal "watch dog" is checked that the output of counter 75 has switched several times.


The minimum bascules jk of switchings counted by 75 a message on the bus is at least equal to the minimum number of transitions of a message frame. The latch the output signal is sent to an enable circuit 82 gate also receiving the signal of the circuit Bascules jk pulse of "watch dog" valid by the validation circuit 82 the output signal of flip-flop JK when it is inverted.

A O at the output 82 causes the normal mode, a 1, the degraded mode.

The pulse of "watch dog" also activates the resetting of counter 75 and resets the output of latch once the validation made. The control circuit 8 is constituted by an AND gate 81 which receives the output of the counters 71 and 72 and the flip-flop The reset circuit 79 for obtaining the bascules jk signal for the counter 75 and reset to the JK flip-flop from the "watch dog" is bascules jk to that of Figure 5 but without inversion of the input signal.

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The output signal is inverted to create the enable switch. A second inversion provides the delayed reset signal. The storage flip-flops output signals 91 and 92 of the bascules jk 71 and 72 are sent to a defect decoding bascules jk

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