Basketball Pick and Roll Plays. Here are a couple of simple, yet highly effective pick and roll plays provided by Don Kelbick to help you score some easy buckets. (BLOB stands for baseline out of bounds. These are the plays to run when your team is inbounding the basketball from under your own basket.). All youth coaches need effective and simple basketball plays. If plays are too complex, players won't be able to execute them. Check out these 7 plays.


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Types Of Basketball Offenses - HoopTactics Basketball Basic Offenses

Your coaching preferences and philosophy. Not much needs to be said about this because it happens naturally.

basketball plays But this is a consideration. Are you a conservative coach that likes to slow things down and execute in the half court?

Do you want to run and gun?


Do you want to shoot lots of three pointers? All basketball plays will reflect the plays that you choose. Will you run the same plays and set offense every year?

Basketball Plays - FastModel Sports

The type of set plays used are predicated upon the team's player personnel. On the court, set plays are initiated by a verbal or visual hand signal.

Motion Offenses Through constant player movement, teams of average size and abilities can overcome and defeat teams of superior talent and basketball plays. However, this requires players to play together as a basketball plays unit.

Basketball Plays, Coach's Clipboard Basketball Coaching and Playbook

O4 pops out to the right wing and gets the pass from O1. In basketball plays B, O4 looks at our good shooter O2 in the basketball plays and might even pass fake to get X3 aware of O2basketball plays instead reverses the ball back to O1.

We want X1 guarding O1, and O1 takes a couple dribbles left diagram C. O2 cuts up to the wing to occupy X3as O4 sets a good down-screen on the X5 defender. O5 curls around the screen for the pass from O1, and the inside jump-shot.


You can run it to either side basketball plays this is basketball plays by the point guard dribbling to either wing. As O1 dribbles to the right wing, O2 cuts hard under O3 and O5's double-screen screening the outside low zone defender X3. O1 could pass to our shooter O2 for the corner shot.


After screening for O2, O5 and O3 then screen the basketball plays zone defender X5 diagram 2. The opposite post basketball plays O4 cuts around the double-screen for the pass inside from O1, and a lay-up.

If the inside pass is not open, the screening post player O5 flashes to the basketball plays elbow diagram 3 for the pass from O2 or O1and now O5 and O4 can play hi-lo action, with O5 looking to pass inside to O4.

7 Simple Basketball Plays for Kids

O3 goes to the opposite wing. The next three diagrams show the play running to the left side, with O1 dribbling to the left basketball plays diagram 4.

O3 cuts to the ballside corner for a possible basketball plays and shot.

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