Decimal-hexadecimal-binary conversion table. Dec, Hex, Bin, Dec, Hex, Bin, Dec, Hex, Bin, Dec, Hex, Bin. 0, 0, , 64, 40, The decimal equivalents for binary, decimal, and hexadecimal numbers are shown in Figure 1. We know that in decimal, any number greater than 9 is. Base 10 (Decimal) — Represent any number using 10 digits [0–9] Base 2 (Binary) — Represent any number using 2 digits [0–1] Base 8 (Octal) — Represent any number using 8 digits [0–7] Base 16(Hexadecimal) — Represent any number using 10 digits and 6 characters [0–9, A, B, C, D, E, F].


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Decimal-hexadecimal-binary conversion table

Consider the example in Figure 2. If we want to write the number in decimal, the interpretation is almost automatic because of our familiarity with the decimal numbering system. To illustrate the underlying concepts, binary decimal hexadecimal give Ralph, a little green two-fingered Martian, a bag of decimal marbles and ask him to express the number binary decimal hexadecimal marbles in decimal.

Ralph, who is more familiar with binary, would go through the following thought process see Figure 2. FIGURE 2 Numbering System Fundamentals Ralph, our two-fingered Martian who is used to counting in binary, might go through the thought process illustrated here binary decimal hexadecimal counting marbles in decimal.

Welcome to Binary Hex Converters!

Ralph's steps are discussed in the text. Ralph knows that the relative position of a digit within a string binary decimal hexadecimal digits determines its value, whether the numbering system is binary or decimal.


Therefore, the first thing to do is determine the value represented by binary decimal hexadecimal digit position. The third position is the base squared, orand so on.

Because the largest of the decimal system's 10 digits is 9, the greatest number that can be represented in the binary decimal hexadecimal position is 9 9 X 1.

The greatest number that can be represented in the second position, then, is 90 9 X In the third position, the greatest number isand so on.

Number converter - hex, octal, binary | Coder’s Toolbox

Having placed the marbles in stacks of 10, Ralph knows immediately that there will be no need for a fourth-position digit the thousands position. It is apparent, however, that a digit must be placed in binary decimal hexadecimal third position.

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Ralph must continue to the second position to represent the remaining 24 marbles. In each successive position, Ralph wants to represent as many marbles as possible.

There are still four marbles left to be represented. This can be done by inserting a 4 in the rightmost, or "ones," position. The combination of the binary decimal hexadecimal numbers in their relative positions represents decimal.

Ralph would go through the same thought process if asked to represent binary decimal hexadecimal decimal marbles using the binary numbering system see Figure 3. To make the binary conversion process easier to follow, the computations in Figure 3 are done in the more familiar decimal numbering system.

Number Systems: An Introduction to Binary, Hexadecimal, and More

See if you can trace Ralph's steps as you work through Figure 3. FIGURE 3 Representing a Binary Number To represent marbles in binary, we would follow the same thought process as we would in decimal see Figure 2but this time we have only two digits 0 and 1.

For ease of understanding, the arithmetic is done in decimal. Hexadecimal Perhaps the biggest drawback to using the binary numbering system for computer operations is that programmers may have to binary decimal hexadecimal with long and confusing strings of 1s and 0s.

To reduce the confusion, the hexadecimal, or base, numbering system is used as shorthand to display the binary contents of primary and secondary storage. Notice that the bases of the binary and hexadecimal numbering systems are multiples of 2: You binary decimal hexadecimal already know what a number system is - ever hear of binary numbers or hexadecimal numbers?

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