Bible of construction in Ontario! Handy PDF format with Search function so you can load on your phone and easily find answers when needed. Welcome to the Ontario Building Code's website, which has information on qualification and registration, available training, dispute resolution,  ‎Building Code Training · ‎OBC Contact · ‎Publications · ‎CodeNews. Your application will be reviewed for compliance with the Ontario Building Code, the Zoning By-law, and Applicable Law.


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Organization and Application 1.


Organization of this Code 1. Scope of Division A 1 Division A contains compliance and application provisions and the objectives and functional statements of this Code.

Internal Cross-references 1 If a provision of this Code contains a reference to another provision of this Code building code ontario no Division is specified, both provisions are in the same Division of this Code.

Section 8 of the Ontario Building Code

Application of Division B 1. Application of Parts 1, 7 and 12 1 Part 1 of Division B applies to all buildings. Application of Parts 3, building code ontario, 5 and 6 1 Subject to Articles 1. Application of Part 8 1 Subject to Article 1.

Ontario Building Code - City of Cambridge

Application of Part 9 1 Subject to Building code ontario 1. Application of Part 10 1 Part 10 of Division B applies to existing buildings requiring a permit under section 10 of the Act. Application of Part 11 building code ontario Except as provided in Sentence 2Part 11 of Division B applies to the design and construction of existing buildings, or parts of existing buildings, that have been in existence for at least five years.

Existing Buildings 1 Except as provided in Section 3. Building Size Determination 1.

Building Size Determination of Building Divided by Firewalls 1 Where a firewall divides a building, each portion of the building that is divided shall be considered as a separate building, except for the purposes of, a a determination of gross area in Section 1.

Building Size Determination of Building Divided by Vertical Fire Separations 1 Except as permitted in Sentence 2if portions of a building are completely separated by a vertical fire separation that has a fire-resistance rating of at least 1 h and that extends through all storeys and service spaces of the separate building code ontario, each separated portion may be considered to be a separate building for the building code ontario of determining building height if, a each separated portion is not more than three storeys in building height and is used only for residential occupancies other than a retirement home, and b the unobstructed path of travel for a firefighter from the nearest street to one entrance to each separated portion is not more than 45 m.

Compliance with Division B 1.

Building codes, regulations and related standards

Materials, Appliances, Systems and Equipment 1. Characteristics of Materials, Appliances, Systems and Equipment 1 All materials, appliances, systems and equipment installed to meet the requirements of this Code shall possess the necessary characteristics to perform their intended functions when installed in a building.

Used Materials, Appliances and Equipment 1 Unless otherwise specified, recycled materials in building products may be used and used materials, appliances and equipment may be reused when building code ontario meet building code ontario requirements of this Code for new materials and are satisfactory for their intended use.

Designated Structures 1 The following structures are designated for the purposes of clause d of the definition of building code ontario in subsection 1 1 of the Act: Terms and Abbreviations 1. Definitions of Words and Phrases 1. Non-defined Terms 1 Definitions of words and phrases used in this Code that are not included in the list of definitions in Articles 1.

Defined Terms 1 Each of the words building code ontario terms in italics in this Code has, a the same meaning as in subsection 1 1 of the Act, if not defined in Clause b or cb the same meaning as in each building code ontario the following provisions for the purposes described in the provision: Absorption trench means an excavation in soil, as defined in Part 8 of Division B, or in leaching bed fill, being part of a leaching bed, in which a distribution pipe or leaching chamber is laid that allows infiltration of the effluent into the soil, as defined in Part 8 of Division B, or leaching bed fill.

O. Reg. 332/12: BUILDING CODE

Acceptable solution means a requirement stated in Parts 3 to 12 of Division B. Accessible means, when applied to a fixture, connection, plumbing appliance, valve, cleanout or equipment, to be accessible with or without having to first remove an access panel, door or similar obstruction, but a fixture, connection, plumbing appliance, valve, cleanout or equipment is not accessible if access can be gained only by cutting or breaking building code ontario.

Access to exit means that part of a means of egress within a floor area that provides access to an exit serving the floor area. Adaptable seating means a fixed seat building code ontario seats designed to facilitate a side transfer from a wheelchair.

Additional circuit vent means a vent pipe that is installed between a circuit vent and a relief vent to provide additional air circulation.

Adfreezing means the adhesion of soil to a foundation unit resulting from the freezing of soil water. Air admittance valve means building code ontario one-way valve designed to allow air to enter the drainage system when the pressure in the plumbing system is less than the atmospheric pressure.

Air barrier system means an assembly installed to provide a continuous barrier to the movement of air.

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