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Overview[ edit ] The fae are creatures of dreams, drawing magical power and their very existence from "Glamour", the dreams of mankind.

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Glamour created and maintains a separate realm of imagination known as the Dreaming, from which the fae originally came to the mortal world. During the Iron Age and the subsequent rise of rational thought and science, glamour became changeling o sonhar common in the real world, and the opposing force of banality could injure or kill the fae.

In response, the fae nobility the sidhe withdrew to Arcadiatheir home deep in the Dreaming, and the commoner fae developed "the Changeling Way Ritual" and became changelings.

Eventually banality changeling o sonhar so strong that the Dreaming was sundered from reality.

This time period is known as the Shattering and it changeling o sonhar associated with the time of the Black Plague. It was at this time that the Changeling Way ritual was created allowing fae spirits to inhabit human bodies alongside the human host's soul.

For many years commoner changelings lived amongst mortals and made their way as best they could in changeling o sonhar world where glamour was fading, this was the Interregnum.


Then came the Resurgence, man landed on the moon and belief and dreams broke open the doors changeling o sonhar Arcadia. Some sidhe were able to return by inhabiting existing human bodies.

With the return of the sidhe and their desire to once again rule all changelings, the Accordance War broke out.

Changeling O Sonhar

Commoners and nobles fought for control of the freeholds and glamour until a peace accord was reached by the new High King David. Traditionally, a changeling is a fairy child substituted for a human baby, changeling o sonhar Changeling: The Dreaming uses a very different interpretation.

In the game, a changeling is a fae soul born into a human body. Early in the human's life, usually before puberty, they undergo the "Chrysalis", a magical awakening of the fae soul which previously changeling o sonhar dormant.

Changeling: O Sonhar in English - Portuguese-English Dictionary

Once through the Chrysalis, the Changeling exists simultaneously in both the "real" world and in the "chimerical" reality of the fae, where creative ideas and imagination have substance. Changeling o sonhar metaphysical aspects of this are the complex concepts present in the game.

As well as the usual roleplaying traits representing their skills and abilities, Changeling characters are further defined by their ties to the Dreaming. Each Changeling has Seelie changeling o sonhar Unseelie aspects of their being, one of which dominates a given Changeling.

The courts do not easily map onto human ideas of good and evilbut instead represent a host of philosophies - light and shadow, law and freedom, duty and passion. In days past rule would be changeling o sonhar between the courts, the Seelie court ruling in the summer months from Beltaine to Samhainand the Unseelie court in winter from Samhain to Beltainebut now an uneasy truce exists and each court rules its own regions.

Changeling: The Dreaming - Wikipedia

Each Changeling has two legacies, one for changeling o sonhar court, which represent how the dual nature of her fae soul is expressed. Each Changeling is also a member of a "kith". Changeling o sonhar like different species of fairy, a Changeling's kith indicates the kind of dreams which birthed her soul in the Dreaming.

The kiths are based on fairy archetypes from various sources, and while the changeling o sonhar common kiths are drawn largely from Irish mythologymany others also exist. The descriptions below touch on only a few of the types of stories or traditional fairies which correlate to each Kith.

Each Changeling also falls into a certain seeming which is related to their age.


The seemings include Childlings, which are the youngest group between the ages of three and thirteen, Wilders, which are between the ages of thirteen and twenty five, and Grumps, which include any older changelings though they rarely make it very long before becoming undone.

As Changelings age and pass through the various seemings they lose some of their glamour which is the stuff changeling changeling o sonhar is made of. They also gain Banality, a force created changeling o sonhar mortal disbelief.

Seelie Court[ edit ] The Seelie have a reputation as the guardians of fae traditions.

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