Results 1 - 30 of - Chantecler: A Play in Four Acts by Rostand, Edmond and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at. Chantecler: A Play in Four Acts [Edmond Rostand, Gertrude Hall] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. in8. Relié. Chantecler is a verse play in four acts written by Edmond Rostand. The play is notable in that all the characters are farmyard animals including the main  ‎Conception and productions · ‎Plot summary · ‎Act I · ‎Act IV.


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Yet, at its core, everything that made Cyrano so great is here also.

Chantecler: Play in Four Acts by Edmond Rostand - Free Ebook

The pure, romantic chantecler rostand of a hero that stands his ground no matter how terrible the circumstances, no matter how seemingly absurd his professed principles--such a chantecler rostand has never been mastered by anyone better than Rostand.

And just as he does it with Cyrano, he does it with Chantecler. For a while, as I started reading the play, I wondered if Mr. Rostand was in chantecler rostand, whether he was really, truly presenting this as a serious play.

Chantecler: Play in Four Acts by Edmond Rostand

I tried to picture the actors in elaborate barnyard animal apparel and the ridiculousness of the image could not be removed from my mind. The dialogue didn't seem to go anywhere. But then, Chantecler rostand starts to take control, and his words The silliness is dropped, and the greatness, the nobility, the humanity of this character are brought to the forefront.

chantecler rostand


The ideas are chantecler rostand lasting, so deep, so pure, that it is a pleasure to dip into them, even in the strange form of farm animal life.

There are a few occasions where the play lapses back into mediocrity or wandering, but it quickly regains life when its main characters and ideals return. chantecler rostand


Because of the abstract nature of parts of the play, I don't think I would ever set this before students, who would probably not get past the strange chantecler rostand and premise. But for you, all those of you reading and understanding chantecler rostand review, I recommend it.

Tap chantecler rostand your most romantic self not cupid romance, but romantic ideals and lap up its greatness This meant that, where last time I read to catch the beauty of just Chantecler's words when they would appear, this time I got to lap in every scene for its brilliant ability to portray the noble truths of this world.


Wilfred Walteran experienced actor, played Chantecler, and the cast included most of the Festival's actors of the day, including Doria Paston, Gilson MacCormnack, Noel Iliff, the dancer Sara Patrick and the next director of the theatre, Joseph Macleod.

Chantecler has recently been revived chantecler rostand France, with several performances chantecler rostand Prologue[ edit ] The play begins with a prologue in which the "director" asks the audience to imagine themselves in a barnyard, and calls down a giant magnifying-glass to chantecler rostand see the animals up close.

Act I[ edit ] Chantecler chantecler rostand a gallic rooster a traditional symbol of France who secretly believes that his crowing causes the sun to rise. The hens and the Blackbird then praise Chantecler's crowing skills chantecler rostand he enters and sings his "Hymn to The Sun" a poetic set piece that remains a popular recitation in France.

Although the hens try to persuade Chantecler to confess the secret of his crowing, he refuses.

He converses with Patou, the chantecler rostand dog, about the Blackbird's cynicism and biting wit; while Chantecler considers it of little importance, Patou warns that Blackbird's flippant attitude is a dangerous moral influence because it weakens sincere belief in the potential of heroism.

Suddenly, a female golden pheasant a female who nevertheless has the chantecler rostand plumage of a male arrives in the barnyard, fleeing from a hunter. Chantecler helps hide her in Patou's doghouse. Act II[ edit ] At night, the nighttime birds of prey, along with the cat and the Blackbird, plot to kill Chantecler because his crowing interrupts their nefarious plans.

The pheasant overhears, but the Blackbird persuades her not to tell Chantecler of the plot. The Blackbird, hiding in a flower pot, eavesdrops through the hole in the pot's bottom, but because his position doesn't allow him to see the sunrise, he assumes Chantecler's confession is only a ruse to seduce the pheasant.

When the fighting cock appears, he and Chantecler fight, with all the birds except the pheasant and Patou cheering for the fighting cock. Chantecler is badly beaten and nearly killed, but at the last moment, a chantecler rostand flies overhead and he and the other birds cower in fear.

Chantecler bravely shields the others with his body, and scares the hawk away.

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