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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 10224

P20 Communication is essential to socialization and understanding between chaveirinho glaucoma, and is an indispensable instrument to a qualified team of health assistance. Despite the communication in some situations is being well held, as mentioned in the speech of P3, it is noticeable that there are still many gaps in this interaction, because despite having great capacity of adaptation due to the use of the chaveirinho glaucoma senses, the person with visual impairment presents limitations in communication and writing, because some chaveirinho glaucoma what is written in ink is transcribed to braille.


In addition, some professionals still express little skills, creating difficulties in establishing communication with these patients.

This issue can be easily identified chaveirinho glaucoma lines of P15 and Chaveirinho glaucoma, which addresses the fact that the professionals refers to the person with them, even when the question is related to the visually impaired person.

This kind of situation cause severe consequences on the quality of health care, since the communication intermediation inhibits these people, and they end up keeping in silence about their actual needs In this perspective, it is important to develop basic attitudes that will enable the communication with people with visual impairments, such as: Changes needed to improve accessibility To improve accessibility of health services, both in physical and social aspects, the respondents suggested, in this category, changes that are necessary for this advance.

Education investment because for me this is chaveirinho glaucoma more than bad manners. P23 What could really improve chaveirinho glaucoma investment, appropriate training for the professionals [ P13 My suggestion is that people worry more about the matter of ramps, stairs, because not everyone can climb a ladder [ P4 It is remarkable that the person with visual impairment has a partial or total inability to perform activities within the standards considered normal for any human being.

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However, we must pay attention to the fact that these people can perform any kind of activity as long as they have appropriate conditions and support for their characteristics. Therefore, we need to have an adapted environment, with physical access guaranteed, adequate training for people who work in health and more prepared professional services14, as mentioned in the lines of P4 and P Investment in education and more respect for people with visual impairment are other claims cited in the lines of P23 and P13, calling attention to the fact that Governments and the society chaveirinho glaucoma to pay attention to issues that do not relate directly to them.

In chaveirinho glaucoma sense, it is essential that the issues related to people with any kind of impairment are not seen as a problem to be discussed only by those who have some person with these characteristics in their family.

In this sense, it is essential that these issues are dealt with under the holistic-systemic perspective, in which the Government and the whole society contribute to changes, since the chaveirinho glaucoma should be seen entirety Equity is one of the doctrinal principles of the SUS, which guarantees equal health care, without prejudice or privileges of any kind, and the attention of the services network to the real needs of the population to be served.

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In this perspective, we need the presence of the subject of accessibility for people with disabilities in schools chaveirinho glaucoma new undergraduate curricula of health area, encouraging the scientific production and ensuring the dissemination of knowledge and awareness of society about the real problems generated by lack of accessibility.

This study contributed to go deeper in the issues related to the accessibility chaveirinho glaucoma health services, subsidizing new research, allowing for reflection on measures aimed at the social inclusion of people with visual impairment, especially in the health care services, regardless of their limitations and free of prejudice.

Sexualidade, DST e preservativo: Rev Bras de Educ Espec. Rev Bras Enferm [Internet].

Rev Eletr Enferm [Internet]. Explorers of Sky EU M5 Grand Bazaar US Truth is, it only came out in chaveirinho glaucoma, but its timeless sound and remarkable.

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