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The Tremere used to be my favorite Clan, back when the only Vampire book I owned was the corebook.


Clanbook tremere favorite character type in any RPG that supports the concept is a wizard, and these were literal blood sorcerers. I've moved away from that initial love since then, clanbook tremere my favorite Clan now vacillating between the Salubri and the Assamites sorcerer caste, of coursebut it meant that I went into this book with a bit more expectations than I had for the other clanbooks.

Brujah was bad, but I didn't care that much since I don't care about the Brujah. I cared about the Tremere and I was curious about how the Clan that actually does have a strict hierarchy and could be said to be operating as a unified body would be presented.

clanbook tremere

Clanbook: Tremere Revised

And overall, it's not bad. The usual long history section is skipped almost entirely here, since clanbook tremere Tremere don't have a long and storied history. They came into existence one night in when a group of Order of Hermes wizards drank an immortality potion, the side effects of which had been grossly underestimated.

What history there is is written by an apprentice who thinks most of what he was told is ridiculous and that real wizards obviously don't exist, so I didn't find it that interesting since I'm usually there for the unique perspective on vampire mythology.

What I did like was the art done up like medieval-style woodcuts, including a picture of the Council of Seven and Tremere where Tremere is carved as an earthworm.

More art in each Clan's "cultural style," so to speak, would make clanbook tremere Clanbooks a lot more interesting.

The section about the Tremere mindset gets into how they think that they're the most important part of the Camarilla, what with the utility of their blood magic. And clanbook tremere kind of have a point--how clanbook tremere other power groups in the Camarilla are capable of leveling a sorcerous curse on the entirety of another Clan?

Thaumaturgy provides a toolset which simply cannot be matched by any other Clan more on which laterwhich does mean the Camarilla and the Tremere clanbook tremere intertwined and is what allowed them to survive their early nights.

Clanbook : Tremere (Vampire The Masquerade : Clan Novels) by Jess Heinig

The other factor is the hierarchy, here called "The Clanbook tremere. Each of those has seven pontifices reporting to them, each of which has seven lords, each of which has seven regents, each of which has seven apprentices.

Each rank is also subdivided into clanbook tremere subranks. Thamauturgical prowess is necessary but not sufficient for promotion, and many Tremere spend their entire existences as apprentices because they aren't treacherous or political savvy enough to rise higher.

Obvious the pyramid is not entirely occupied, since otherwise there would be more Tremere than there are vampires in total, though I have seen amusing postulates that the pyramid is filled and every supernatural creature in the World of Darkness is secretly Tremere.

This means that there are open spots for promising candidates to clanbook tremere into, especially at the lower ranks, but there's still enough stultifying hierarchy that one of the best ways to get promoted is to, overtly or covertly, humiliate a superior in front of their superior and then step into the resulting opening.

Or just assassinate people, if you can get away with it, clanbook tremere as long as none of these machinations affect the Tremere's relationships with outsiders. Above all, the Clan clanbook tremere present a united front.

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  • Clanbook : Tremere
  • Paperback Editions

As clanbook tremere common with anything dealing with Thaumaturgy, a good chunk of the book is dedicated to powers. Thaumaturgy has the same problem that spells did in pre Truly, the terrible powers worthy of a storytelling game of personal horror.

As clanbook tremere rituals contained herein, like The Open Passage, which allows a vampire a few seconds of intangibility with regards to a door or wall after an hour of drawing intricate patterns in rat dung on it.

As you might guess, I was mostly unimpressed with the powers. Path of the Levinbolt is odd, and while Path of Shadowcrafting is at least thematic, a lot of the rituals stray pretty far from the theme of terrible blood sorcery developed to replace the lost powers of the Tremere's mortal magics.

In a book about the Tremere, the worst part is the part about Thaumaturgy. The NPCs actually stood out to me, because after two dozen pages of rules for Thaumaturgy, less than half of the templates actually deal with Thaumaturgy at all.

There are templates like "Labor Union Leader" that don't even have it as a Discipline, to the point where after all the discussion of how important Thaumaturgy is to the Tremere and how central it is to their conception and reputation, it's trying to hard to show that there can clanbook tremere Tremere without Thaumaturgy, really, I swear!

But it leads to "why are these people Tremere," and for most of them, there isn't a good answer.

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