Bonded Joints and Repairs to Composite Airframe Structures is a single-source reference on the state-of-the-art in this rapidly growing area. It provides a. A composite horizontal stabilizer was chosen as the subject for the composite airframe structure case study. Life-cycle engineering was examined in today's. : Composite Airframe Structures: third edition. pages. xx inches. In Stock.


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Composite airframe structural is a labor-intensive activity that generally yields a low level of fidelity. The physical development fixture is reviewed during various stages of completion by numerous "experts.

During full-scale development, additional problems are found as the integration of structure and systems occurs. Inspection changes may also be required, and basic engineering changes to the design are also common at this time.

Most of these changes are in the form of "paper feedback" and affect a number of different areas composite airframe structural the plant. In summary, the contemporary method of life cycle engineering is paper dependent. It is not structured or organized to prevent numerous reoccurrences of the same problems.

Composite Airframe Structures : Michael Chun-Yu Niu :

The next task of this case study was to probe the future and determine those things that composite airframe structural be necessary in an idealized future environment to best support life cycle engineering, and its attendant improvement in total product quality. In this idealized future environment, during the development phase of a horizontal stabilizer the conceptual design will be developed digitally by design, material and processes, strength, weights, aerodynamics, and loads engineers with electronic or digital inputs from producibility, reliability, maintainability.

Inputs from rules imbedded in the digital system will be available, such as a mature reliability and composite airframe structural in computer-aided design RAMCAD system, presently under development.

Additionally artificial intelligence AI systems will incorporate reliability, maintainability, and supportability such as export systems composite airframe structural access door design, equipment mounting, crew system safety, scheduling etc. Also, in the future environment the "ilities" will carry as much weight with customer and contractor as performance.

For example, an "ilities" warranty will be required, and ''ilities" requirements will be spelled out in the same detail as performance. An extension of warranties increasingly used in the current environment. The system will contain parameters on failure modes, damage tolerance, typical repairs, wear-out composite airframe structural, predicted moisture effects, and tooling concepts.

Certification Methods for Composite Airframe Structures

An integrated data base for engineering, manufacturing, quality assurance, and product support will be required. This will allow data to be shared rather than duplicated or lost altogether Composite airframe structural B Composite airframe structural 85 Share Cite Suggested Citation: It will also provide a means to organize "lessons-learned" data from related current and prior programs.

Prototyping will be done electronically with more analytical assurance of component performance before committing to hardware fabrication. It would establish relationships, assess integration and provide tools for anthropometric and ergonomic analyses.

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Electronic integration of systems and structures will include an electronic development fixture EDF to minimize changes and find errors before parts are made and assembled. Electronic development fixtures will reduce composite airframe structural, reduce span time, and provide more accuracy than the previous hardware development fixture method.

Electronic development fixtures will allow composite airframe structural aircraft to be divided up into zones, with engineers from many disciplines responsible for all activities within the individual zones. This will provide for better coordination of all systems and structures in a given zone, foster coordination and increase knowledge transfer.


The use of a full-scale electronic development fixture will also permit a fine-tuning of the design to take advantage of the efficiencies of volume production in areas like pressings and forgings.

The use of a common electronic data base by the whole design team Figure B-5 will provide many new approaches for users of the engineering design definition, such as electronic quality assurance of parts prior to fabrication and assembly. Other downstream users of engineering composite airframe structural definitions will allow for the automated processing of composite parts.

For example, the manufacturing planning function will document models of processes, plan automated fabrication and assembly operations, use the computer mock-up EDF instead of a hard metal airframe, and release detail designs in composite airframe structural data set formats.

Composite Airframe Structures

This will lead to earlier isolation of problem areas for correction in detail and assembly processes, prior composite airframe structural full scale production via the common electronic data base. Page 86 Share Cite Suggested Citation: Composite Airframe Structures AprilThis course introduces participants to practical hands-on information, data, and techniques for designing composite airframe structures with respect to design composite airframe structural and specifications.

It covers a broad range of aircraft configurations, from transports and fighters to general aviation aircraft.

The course provides technical understanding and practical knowledge in advanced composites, emphasizing design and manufacture to achieve a sound airframe structure.

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