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A "how-to" podcast for entrepreneurs that's real, applicable, and just makes sense.

045: Corbett Barr On How To Create A Profitable Subscription Based Membership Site

Some are in it just for the corbett barr while others are in it to make a difference. You should be worried.


Building a small business is no different. The essence of a successful business is incredibly simple. And so I checked it out I learnt about that.

Then I learned about other concepts like location independence, meaning that you can live anywhere in the world and build a work from anywhere in the world. Digital nomading, you know meaning travelling around and corbett barr at the same time.

And there was just sort of this confluence of interest in these things corbett barr, a lot of people were— their foundations were shaken as well because they were laid off or friends that they knew well were laid off, where they thought maybe they had a stable career and all of a sudden because of the financial collapse things were really called into corbett barr.

So a lot of people were interested in these things, and also just because of what was possible now because of the internet. So I found myself, you know interested in those conversations and I just kept trying to push my little blog into that conversation going on.

And the thing that really tipped the scales for me they were two things.

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One was I decided to run corbett barr survey, because we were corbett barr these big questions about what do location independent people do for a living? How are some people able to live anywhere in the world and work from anywhere in the world?

Corbett barr I reached out to the biggest blogger I knew at the time around these concepts. Not Tim Ferriss, but the biggest one was that accessible and that was a blog called Location Independent at the time run by Leo Woodward. And I reached out to her and I said Leo, and I would be happy to handle all of the details, and I would like to get a lot of different blogs involved.

Posts by: Corbett Barr

I would like to reach out to the community of bloggers in general that are talking about location independence and digital nomading and all this stuff. So I partnered with her, she said sure it sounds great because I was planning to do all the work. And basically the idea was, we run the survey and that gives us a bunch of really rich information that we can then blog corbett barr to our own audiences, and she and I got first pick of all the info and then we would give it to all the other bloggers that participated later.

So basically I was able to get about 30 some blogs to participate in the survey, and what they did was they sent all of their readers over to my sight to take the survey, and so then they became aware of Free Pursuits and Location Independence and corbett barr.

So basically it was a just a great way to sort of jump start awareness of my site. So that was really, you know how I got my start and started to figure out that blogging really is— the goal of blogging is two things.

One is to figure out what people are interested in, but then the second goal is to figure out where people are already hanging out online, and how you can get in front of them there. And relationships are often the key to making that work. So did you just cold email Leo or? I think I commented on her blog a number of times, and I may have at that point written a guest post for her as well just unsolicited to send her a post to write.

To run on her site because that was pretty common at the time. So if we fast forward tohow would your strategy have changed in building such a blog?

Corbett Barr On How To Create A Profitable Subscription Based Membership Site

In fact you will find if you write even some of the bigger names like Seth Godin or Gary Vaynerchuk, Chris Guillebeau or anybody like that, they will corbett barr respond to you today.

But if you reach out to people who are like B list players in your space, chances are they will be receptive to different ideas not only guest blogging, but perhaps partnering on something bigger like the survey that I talked about or whatever it is that corbett barr can come up with.

The third element— so we talked about finding out what people are interested in and then you know finding out where people are hanging out and how to get in front corbett barr them and where relationships are important for that.

But the third element that I was about to talk about… Steve: Was the most important one. I was on a roll and there it corbett barr.

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