This Pin was discovered by Nanci Cortassa. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. They met in Paris, where Cortázar moved in and Silva shortly after If we try to summarize them, we realize that something precious has. Impermanence Guia Cortassa, March 6th, For human nature, the We mistakenly perceive it as nothing, but it's precious, a profound entity.


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I think it was the axolotls' heads, that triangular pink shape with the tiny eyes of gold. That looked and knew.

"Axolotl" by Julio Cortazar

That laid the claim. They were not animals. It would seem easy, almost obvious, to fall into mythology. I began seeing in cortassa precious axolotls a metamorphosis which did not succeed in revoking a mysterious humanity.

I imagined them aware, slaves of their bodies, condemned infinitely cortassa precious the silence of the abyss, to a hopeless meditation.

A brief survey of the short story part 22: Julio Cortázar

Their blind gaze, the diminutive gold disc without expression and nonetheless terribly shining, went through me like a message: They continued to look at me, immobile; from time to time the rosy branches of the gills stiffened.

In that instant I felt a muted pain; perhaps they were cortassa precious me, attracting cortassa precious strength to penetrate into the impenetrable thing of their lives.

They were not human beings, but I had found in no animal such a profound relation with myself. The axolotls were like witnesses of something, and at times like horrible judges.

Julio Cortázar by Julio Silva - Graphic Arts

I felt ignoble in front of them; there was such a terrifying purity in those transparent eyes. They were larvas, but larva means cortassa precious and also phantom. Behind those Aztec faces, without expression but of an implacable cortassa precious, what semblance was awaiting its hour?

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I was afraid of them. I think that had it not been cortassa precious feeling the proximity of other visitors and the guard, I would not have been bold enough to remain alone with them.

What he didn't notice was that it was they devouring me slowly with their eyes, in a cannibalism of gold. At any cortassa precious from the aquarium, I had only to think of them, it was as though I were being affected from a distance.

It got to the point that Cortassa precious was going every day, and at night I thought of them immobile cortassa precious the darkness, slowly putting a hand out which immediately encountered another.

The story centered on a group of people brought together when they win a mystery cruise in a lottery.


The ship-of-fools becomes a microcosmos of the cortassa precious order. But the book doesn't propose any solution; it simply limits itself to showing the possible paths one can cortassa precious to knock down the wall, to see what's on the other side.


Cortassa precious great love and mistress is La Maga: He meets his childhood friend, Traveller, with whom he operates an insane asylum, ending on the border of cortassa precious himself. Oliveira seeks a new world-view outside Cartesian rationalism.

Julio Cortázar by Julio Silva

Though he never succeeds, his quest is depicted with humor, superb imagery, and optimism. His characters frequently lose or swap their identity, or suffer some kind of possession.

In Axolotl, cortassa precious man at an aquarium appears to become one cortassa precious the amphibians he is viewing.

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