Daniel J. Boorstin (October 1, – February 28, ) was an American historian, professor, attorney, and author. He served as the director of the  ‎Quotes · ‎The Lost World of · ‎The Image: A Guide to · ‎The Republic of. American historian Daniel J. Boorstin (born ) was a scholar with broad interests, best known as an advocate of a conservative, "consensus" interpretation of. Since then Daniel J. Boorstin's prophetic vision of an America inundated by its own illusions has become an essential resource for any reader who wants to.


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Even the Civil War had not, according to Boorstin, broken these broad continuities or produced fundamental changes in American institutions.

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Boorstin's description of the Daniel j boorstin past was a sharp departure from the views of the previous generation of historians, the so-called progressives, for whom conflict and change were the crucial themes in the nation's history.

Boorstin, therefore, was soon recognized as one of the leading proponents of a conservative, "consensus" interpretation of American life.

Critics were quick to challenge his perspective, asserting daniel j boorstin he ignored instances of deep-seated economic and ethnic conflict daniel j boorstin giving inadequate attention to the many Americans whose experience did not fit neatly with his nationalist claims for the United States as a land of opportunity.

A Three-Volume History The fullest expression of Boorstin's interpretation of American life may be found in his three-volume history of the United States.

Some reviewers complained that the trilogy daniel j boorstin seriously deficient because Boorstin said little about political and military history. However, the virtual absence of these topics was consistent with his view that the truly important themes in the American past were the social history of pioneering, invention, entrepreneurship, and the like.

daniel j boorstin

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In volume one, The Americans: The Colonial ExperienceBoorstin offered numerous examples in support of daniel j boorstin thesis that the givens in the American environment, the country's vast size and wealth of its resources, quickly broke down or transformed every utopian scheme—Puritan Massachusetts, corporate Virginia, Penn's Pennsylvania, and Oglethorpe's Georgia—that Europeans attempted to daniel j boorstin in the New World.

In his second volume, The Americans: The National Experiencewhich covered the period from the Revolution to the Civil War, Boorstin described the United States as a nation of practical folk who, in spreading westward across the continent, developed a faith in republicanism and individualism because the virtues of those ideas were daily demonstrated in their lives.

Finally, in The Americans: It was still a story with many heroes, go-getter businessmen such as Gustavus Swift, and trend-setting inventors such as Thomas A.

Nevertheless, the book closed on a somber note as Boorstin decried some of the trends he observed in 20th-century American life, especially what seemed to him the baneful influence of consumer culture and the mass media.

Daniel J. Boorstin - Wikipedia

Boorstin's criticisms of certain aspects of contemporary Daniel j boorstin life were not entirely new themes in his writings.

In he had published The Image: Similarly, Boorstin had been deeply troubled by the outburst of radical protest that swept university campuses in the late s.


In his book The Daniel j boorstin of Radicalism: Reflections on America Today he had harsh words for the New Left radicals, asserting that they were advocating dissent, which tended to divide and destroy, rather than practicing disagreement, which allowed for discussion and, eventually, for agreement through compromise.

In he was appointed Librarian of Congress by President Daniel j boorstin Ford and served in that position until Natural History and Political Science, p. Jeffersonian isolationism expressed an essentially cosmopolitan spirit.


The Jeffersonian was determined — even at the expense of daniel j boorstin himself from the rest of the globe, and even though he be charged with provincial selfishness — to preserve America as an uncontaminated laboratory. The American Destiny, p. Since the Creator had made the facts of the after-life inaccessible to man, He must not have required that man understand death in order to live fruitfully.

Daniel J. Boorstin Facts

We suffer primarily not from our vices or our weaknesses, but from our illusions. We are haunted, not by reality, but by daniel j boorstin images we have put in their place. We expect more of them and we are given more of them.

They flood our consciousness. Their multiplication has gone on in the United States at a faster rate than elsewhere.

Even the rate of increase is increasing every day. This is true daniel j boorstin the world of education, of consumption, and of personal relations.

The two do have some characteristics in common.

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