Do you have a data governance program? If not, here are 5 tips for starting to build data governance process and frameworks in your business. Developing a successful data governance strategy requires careful planning, the right people and appropriate tools and technologies. This essential guide offers. Multi-model database architectures provide a flexible data governance platform.


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The role of data stewards Data stewards fulfill important tactical functions by supporting enterprise data governance initiatives in various ways.

Learn about the role of data stewards and the function of data stewardship in the following stories, which examine the challenges and benefits of adopting data stewardship programs.

Tip Get tips on building and managing data governance strategy data stewardship program that supports your organization's data governance efforts. Continue Reading Feature Implement strong project management processes to support your company's data stewardship framework and produce measurable results.

Continue Reading Feature Data stewards may have to adopt a shorter-term and data governance strategy view of data stewardship to accommodate the needs of users on big data analytics projects.

10 Steps To Creating A Successful Data Governance Strategy

Implement a business risk register. Setting up a business risk register is a necessary step and a good contingency plan, as it means rational and strategic decisions are made, even in times of crisis. Establish good business processes. Ensure you build a solid data model and document business processes diligently.

Keeping these up to date will result in consistency in serviced level provision. data governance strategy

10 Steps To Creating A Successful Data Governance Strategy

Perform data quality assessments. Data quality audits can be data governance strategy consuming, but are a valuable activity to certify accuracy. Build a business case. Invest time in building a business case, as this will pay off in the long run should the unexpected occur.

This will help employees motivate themselves and propel the business to achieve wider targets. Example of a multi-model database system that stores all the entities as documents and the relationships as triples. The multi-model database is a data governance strategy NoSQL approach that can store, index, and query data in one or more of the previous models.

Due to this flexibility, the multi-model database is the best approach for addressing data governance. Well, there data governance strategy nothing wrong with that notion but it just is - incomplete.

Developing a successful data governance strategy - O'Reilly Media

In fact, a sound data governance approach can and should involve more than one platform or project. DG is a program in your company which sets rules and standards for Data related matters. For example, if your business needs a sales reporting data governance strategy, there will be some governance issues such as Which internal databases have this information?

  • Building an effective data governance framework
  • Data Management vs. Data Governance: Improving Organizational Data Strategy - DATAVERSITY
  • Building an effective data governance framework
  • Developing a successful data governance strategy
  • Deeper Insights

Who has access to it? Are the structures of sales data already defined? What is the quality of the source data? Are there any metrics around data sizes?

5 Key Considerations for Building a Data Governance Strategy

Improving data quality is a cross-functional imperative. Although data quality focuses mostly on physical data, master data and metadata need improvement, too.

This is why many data quality and master data management initiatives are supported by a crossfunctional DG board. Data integration DI implementations cast an ever-widening net.


This is true whether DI is analytic feeding a data warehouseoperational consolidating database instances or cross-business sharing data with partners. DG can both limit these implementations to assure compliance and liberate them to reach more data sources and data governance strategy.

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