Data Warehouse Testing - Learn Data Warehouse in simple and easy steps starting from basic to advanced concepts with examples including Data Warehouse. Building an end-to-end data warehouse testing strategy Understanding fundamental concepts of data warehousing and its place in an. ETL or Data Warehouse Testing Concepts. ETL or Extract-Transform-Load defines the mechanism of data flow from a system to the data warehouse. Datawarehouse simplifies the process of storing information from different sources in the form of ETL. The ETL process has a typical road map as shown below.


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It checks how well an item is able to restore from crashes, hardware failures and other similar crashes Security test: It checks that the item preserves data and maintains the intended functionality Regression test: It ensures that the item functions normally after the occurrence of any change Categories of Data Warehouse Testing New data warehouse testing: Data warehouse testing concepts new data warehouse is built and checked from the beginning.


It is performed to test whether the various components do well after integration. System Testing In system testing, the whole data warehouse application is tested together.


The purpose of system testing is to check whether the entire system works correctly together or not. System testing is performed by the testing team.

Data Warehouse and ETL Testing | QuerySurge

Since the size of the whole data warehouse is very large, it is usually possible to perform minimal system testing before the test plan can be enacted. In order to data warehouse testing concepts any error due to date or order number during business process Data Quality testing is done.

It will check the data according to the data model. Customer ID Data quality testing includes number check, date check, precision check, data checknull check etc. Incremental ETL testing This testing is done to check the data integrity of old and new data with data warehouse testing concepts addition of new data.

Data warehouse testing concepts testing verifies that the inserts and updates are getting processed as expected during incremental ETL process. The objective of ETL testing is to assure that the data that has been loaded from a source to destination after business transformation is accurate.

ETL Testing or Data Warehouse Testing Tutorial

It also involves the verification of data at various middle stages that are being used between source and destination. End-to-End Data warehouse testing concepts Warehouse Process and Associated Testing An end-to-end data warehouse test strategy documents a high-level understanding of the anticipated testing workflow.

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The strategy will be used to verify that the data warehouse system meets its design specifications and other requirements. Successfully executing this strategy requires the following skills: Understanding fundamental concepts of data warehousing and its place in an information management environment Understanding how the testing process fits into data warehouse testing concepts warehouse development process Development of data warehouse test strategies, test plans and test cases — what they are and how to develop them, specifically for data warehouses and decision support systems Creating effective test cases and scenarios based on business and user requirements for the data warehouse Participating in reviews of the data models, data mapping documents, ETL design and ETL coding; providing feedback to designers and developers Participating in the change management process and documenting relevant changes to decision support requirements Additionally, you will want to follow core best practices such as: Formal QA data data warehouse testing concepts verifications should begin early in the ETL design and data load process and continue through deployment and into production.

Testers should be given early access to the ETL development environment so they can assess the quality of early data loads and offer valuable feedback to development teams.

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