By in large, I am not a fan of super hero movies. I mean, how many of them do we really need? So when my husband asked me to go see this. Deadpool has already killed every hero in the Marvel Universe. He isn't through. This time Deadpool's gonna take down the most famous characters in classic. Deadpool takes his killing rampage into the meta-verse as he slaughters the icons of literature. Deadpool Killustrated #1 / 23 Jan PM PST.


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Deadpool understands that the world he inhabits is a fictional one and realizes that you can't get rid of present day characters deadpool killustrated long as their archetypes exist. So what's a smart ass mercenary to do other than threaten people smarter than he is to build a time machine to the "Ideaverse" so he can rampage through the literary ca The Merc with a Mouth is distraught after deadpool killustrated events of Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe as his battle to rid the world of superhuman heroes and villains has failed.

So what's a smart ass mercenary to do other than threaten people smarter than he is to build a time machine to the "Ideaverse" so he can rampage through deadpool killustrated literary canon like some kind of berserker Marty McFly?

Deadpool Killustrated is a limited 4 issue storyline, which turns out to be a good call. While the first three issues were a lot of fun deadpool killustrated what I'm primarily basing the deadpool killustrated stars onthe final issue fizzles with an anticlimactic ending although, to be fair, the series will lead into the Deadpool Kills Deadpool story arc and may offer more resolution.

Deadpool Killustrated (Deadpool Killogy, #2) by Cullen Bunn

deadpool killustrated The opening issues offer a wisecracking Deadpool gleefully slaughtering literary greats like Moby Dick, the Little Mermaid, Scrooge, the Little Women who prove to be a tougher lot than one would thinkTom Sawyer, Scylla, Charybdis, and a host of other literary greats.

Even the Senators who stabbed Julius Caesar have the tables turned in a single deadpool killustrated vignette.


I have to admit, watching the carnage of literary greats who have plagued many a student with required reading was fun although I got a little teary eyed when Bagheera bought it. The cover deadpool killustrated alone is worth a depraved giggle or two. As Deadpool carves his way through the Ideaverse, the archetypal patterns begin to buckle and we see the characters shift between their traditional and modern incarnations, a trick author Cullen Bunn clearly has a deadpool killustrated of fun with.

Deadpool Killustrated #1 (March , Marvel) | eBay

It's not long, however, before Sherlock Holmes is on the case. Determined to track down Deadpool and put a stop to his mass murdering ways, he assembles a group of literary heroes: Now deadpool killustrated a motley crew of literary misfits to rival The League of Extraordinary Deadpool killustrated.

And it's also a colossal letdown as these characters are limited in their actions other than showing up behind Holmes and looking menacing. If you're going to put together a group like that, for deadpool killustrated sake of the multiverse, have them do something other than pose and lend literary street cred to the narrative.

Despite my disappointment with the final issue, it was still entertaining enough to deadpool killustrated worthy of a 4 star.

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