Death Be Not Proud is a memoir by John Gunther that was first published in in Death Be Not Proud and in-depth analyses of Johnny, Gunther, and Frances.‎Plot Overview · ‎Death Be Not Proud: Four · ‎Death Be Not Proud: Five and · ‎Three. Johnny Gunther was only seventeen years old when he died of a brain tumor. During the months of his illness, everyone near him was unforgettably impressed  Pages‎: ‎ Death Be Not Proud (P.S.) [John J. Gunther] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Johnny Gunther was only seventeen years old when he died.


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John Gunther If you haunt book sales as often as I do, you get very used to the sight of John Gunther's "Inside I finally grabbed a death be not proud john gunther and read them and though they are obviously quite dated, they stand up nicely as frozen moments in world history, observed and written by an death be not proud john gunther journalist.

I'd somehow never even connected him with this tender memoir, perhaps because I'd managed to avoid reading it in grade school. While Gunther was finishing Inside USA, his 16 year old son, Johnny, was diagnosed with a brain tumor and died within 15 months. Gunther wrote the piece for friends and family, but was prevailed upon to publish it in order to comfort other parents and, in the manner of such things, it has become his most enduring work.

It's absolutely wonderful and I can see why it is assigned reading for so many kids.

Death Be Not Proud

The tragedy of Johnny Gunther is the human tragedy writ small; his triumph is our triumph. The death of a child is always sad, and intense medical descriptions are something for me personally that induce queasiness.


I did feel like he was trying to convince me that his son's death was more tragic than other children's because he felt his son was more brilliant than others.

This novel also comes from a place of privilege when you have so much money that you can afford the best hospitals and doctors for your child without thinking about it. It made me fee This was a hard book to read.

It death be not proud john gunther me feel sad for all the parents who have sick children with added stress of huge medical bills they have no idea how they will pay.

Review of John Gunther's Death Be Not Proud: A Memoir -

I started reading this ages ago, before I was fully able to understand the subject matter. Now, reading it again as a young adult I am more apt to understand and appreciate this work. He does not give up because of his illness. He still has hopes and dreams intact. His parents are also notable for the remarkable degree of communication and care they managed to share with each other and their son when his diagnosis was confirmed, and on to the end of his life.

Although by the time of his diagnosis they had divorced and were living separately, they transcended distance, time, and whatever history had led them to separate in death be not proud john gunther to discuss carefully and kindly the options, care, and ongoing prognosis for his life.

Frances Gunther, his mother, takes care to have conversations with him about the ultimate issues of life and suffering as addressed in many cultures worldwide, making spiritual writings accessible to death be not proud john gunther and impressing on him the value of his thoughts and the effect of his actions on others.

Johnny's character is inspirational to not only his parents, but his caregivers as well, who employ sometimes radical treatments to try and save his life.

Among them are Canadian neurosurgeon Wilder Penfield and Death be not proud john gunther.

Max Gersonwhose "Gerson diet" was used. Wilder Penfield wrote a letter to his family after his death saying, "for such there must be an immortality which we who tinker at the body may guess at but not understand. Johnny Gunther, a cancer patient, stays in this hospital, on and off, during the last three years of his life.

He also stays at the Gerson death be not proud john gunther for a time. The family moves him to his mother's home in Connecticut when he is able, he visits his school briefly, to graduate with his class, then dies two weeks later. Theme s [ edit ] The main theme of this book is how death and illness affect people, and how courage and a commitment to live fully in the face of daily discouragement and frequent setbacks transform such a life, however brief.

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