Dion Fortune is the magical name of Violet Mary Firth, a British occultist and author whose books still influence modern Witchcraft and neo-Paganism. Dion Fortune. Written and compiled by George Knowles. Behind the shadows of Gerald B. Gardner lurks Dion Fortune. Unappreciated during her own time she. Psychic Self-Defense: The Classic Instruction Manual for Protecting Yourself Against Paranormal Attack. Aug 1, by Dion Fortune.


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Her family were fair to do Dion fortune Scientists with a family motto that reads: There she joined the local Theosophical Society and in had another poem published called Angels.

In she started work at Dion fortune Georges Secretarial Collage, while continuing her studies in psychology. She worked as an assistant to the collage principal, a strong minded and domineering woman with a violent temper.

Dion fortune Fortune circa After a number of clashes with the woman, Dion decided to leave.

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Reporting her intentions to leave, the woman subjected her to a dion fortune of incompetence and lack of self-confidence, that she later suffered a near mental breakdown. Seymour and Christine Hartley, whilst even the 14 dion fortune old W.

dion fortune Gray knocked upon its doors, but was turned away on account of his youth. Working in trance mediumship Dion Fortune made contacts with certain inner plane adepts, or Masters, whose influence on the Western Esoteric Tradition is dion fortune vital to this day.

Dion Fortune - Wikipedia

During this dion fortune Dion Fortune wrote several esoteric novels to illustrate the possible practical application of the content of her textbooks and articles in her house journal, the Inner Light Magazine.

She pioneered the popular exposition of the Qabalah as a key to the Western Mystery Tradition with her book The Mystical Qabalah, which dion fortune still one of the best texts available on the subject.

She clearly saw the close connection between the great Tantric and Kabbalistic rituals. She realized that woman, considered in the West to be the negative or passive aspect of the Creative Energy, was on the contrary the dynamic awakener of the solar-phallic current, and as such the factor that made the male positive.

About Dion Fortune

She met a dion fortune varied assortment of people, was not as exclusive as she used to be, and flung herself into society. The group spent most of their time in London and went to Glastonbury for weekends and holidays.

In Glastonbury still most of dion fortune work was done on the elemental and spiritual level. For this, The Inner Light magazine proved to be a solution.

Dion Fortune; her magical life and spiritual sex magic

But at the same time she dion fortune sending weekly magnetized letters to all her readers. The first letter she sent was on October 8th, and contained the message that Great Britain was in danger.


People were expected to meditate on a theme, often Golden Dawn Symbols or national archetypes. They were asked to mentally imagine standing on the Tor with King Arthur and Dion fortune.


The Glastonbury forces were evoked in this way. These meditations had the aim to reach the group soul of the nation. This work dion fortune on throughout the whole war.


By the time the fourth letter dion fortune sent Dion felt the symbols had come to life and contact was established with the Inner Worlds.

Dion dion fortune the Nazis used perverse powers to influence the outcome of the war and she tried to transform these powers. Dion Fortune knew the Nazis used perverse powers to influence the outcome of the war.

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