Building on the formal literature on democratization, this paper models a dictator's choice between closed authoritarianism, electoral authoritarianism, and dem. Kenya's New Electoral Authoritarianism from Boston Review. Elections are now used to legitimate authoritarian regimes, not herald liberal. The 'third wave' of democratization has resulted in the proliferation of regimes that are neither fully democratic nor classic authoritarian. To capture the nature of.


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Kenyan political elites are using the mechanism of the election to cloak their authoritarianism electoral authoritarianism democratic credibility and shield themselves from international suspicion.

Regardless of the standoff, the overwhelming response from the Electoral authoritarianism States and other foreign observers—from Donald Trump to John Kerry and the New York Times editorial board —has so far been either to congratulate Kenyatta on his victory or to praise the process as transparent.

Kenya's New Electoral Authoritarianism | Boston Review

But in the rush to preserve stability, such observers have essentially missed the larger implications of the election. It may well be the case that Kenyatta won more votes. electoral authoritarianism

But regardless of the numerical tally, Electoral authoritarianism has been modeling a brand of electoral authoritarianism for the region and beyond over the last decade—one in which citizens worry that they cannot expect a meaningful transfer of national power through electoral means.

In fact, regimes appear to be learning from each other how elections can be part of the toolkit for extending their rule.

With greater and greater sophistication, governments realize that they can use the security apparatus and resources of the state to shape the terms of any vote and if need be to manipulate outcomes, especially around the edges. And for foreign officials primarily interested in the exercise on election day, this is largely enough to keep relations cordial and investment and security arrangements in electoral authoritarianism.

Electoral Authoritarianism: A Threat To Democracy And Peace

But what it does not entail is real democracy. The electoral authoritarianism, so essential to popular participation and self-government, has become a critical component for a new electoral authoritarianism.

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The first thing one needs to know is that no sitting president in the history of the country has ever lost an election. Since becoming independent electoral authoritarianism British colonial rule inKenya has essentially been governed by the same set of dynastic families.

But electoral authoritarianism conflicts between these dynasties have also had real material and ideological stakes.

SAGE Reference - Electoral Authoritarianism

The elder Kenyatta and Odinga soon electoral authoritarianism out. In turn, the government brutally suppressed political electoral authoritarianism, declared the opposition illegal, and initiated over twenty years of one party rule punctuated by the political assassination of high profile politicians.

A large number of political regimes in the contemporary world, ranging from Azerbaijan to Zimbabwe, from Russia to Singapore, from Belarus to Cameroon, from Egypt to Malaysia, have established the institutional facades of democracy, including regular multiparty elections for the chief executive, in order to conceal and electoral authoritarianism harsh realities of authoritarian governance.

Each contribution addresses one particular analytical puzzle on the basis of careful cross-national comparison, with a focus either on a specific region or a cross-regional subset of cases. electoral authoritarianism

Electoral Authoritarianism: A Threat To Democracy And Peace - The Organization for World Peace

Egypt, Ethiopia, and Russia. Egypt can be considered an important contemporary example of electoral authoritarianism.


Evidence of manipulation of electoral laws and electoral timetables regarding the upcoming Egyptian Presidential election have recently come electoral authoritarianism light.

Article 97 of the new Electoral authoritarianism Constitution allows for judicial appeals regarding results. Interim President, Adly Mansour denied and voided such appeals from respective candidates [9].

Electoral authoritarianism in the lacuna, this new book presents cutting-edge research on the internal dynamics electoral authoritarianism electoral authoritarian regimes. Each concise, jargon-free chapter addresses a specific empirical puzzle on the basis of careful cross-national comparison.

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