Statistics. Investigación clínica. Detección de embolismo aéreo venoso y de foramen oval permeable en pacientes neuroquirúrgicos intervenidos en posición de. Publisher: Embolia aerea cerebral masiva tras colangiopancreatografia retrograda endoscopica. Presentacion de un caso y revision de la. circulatorio a causa de embolismo aereo. La resurrccci6n tuvo exitq en ambos casos. Es discutido el mecanismo del embolismo aereo y se da un resumen de la.


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Edema pulmonar agudo tras embolismo aéreo venoso central | Medicina Intensiva (English Edition)

Endoscopic embolismo aereo cholangiopancreatography was performed to change the prosthesis. After the procedure, the patient's vital signs and embolismo aereo of consciousness underwent a decline, and orotracheal intubation was required.

A computerised axial tomography scan of the head showed evidence of a massive air embolism with focal points of hyperacute ischaemia in both hemispheres.

embolismo aereo The patient later died. Cerebral air embolism following endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography is infrequent, but potentially lethal.

Manipulation of the bilio-intestinal wall in endoscopic examinations could give rise to communications embolismo aereo the lumen and the venous system. Early diagnosis of air embolism is required. A combination of precordial Doppler ultrasound and end-tidal CO2 devices seems to be useful.


The surgery and anesthesia were uneventful; however, he developed a sudden cardiovascular collapse at the end of surgery and immediately after removal of the Mayfield pins.

Air embolism, head pins, Mayfield, neurosurgery How to cite this article: Air embolism related to removal of Mayfield embolismo aereo pins. Asian J Neurosurg ;7: Here we are describing a possible incidence of VAE after removal of head pins in an otherwise uneventful surgery embolismo aereo anesthesia.

To such effects, aspects related to the prevention of the clinical entity, the diagnostic means for their identification and the therapeutic embolismo aereo are approached, as part of the actions to reduce the morbidity and maternal mortality, and to achieve a safe maternity Author and article information [1] Hospital Embolismo aereo Docente Dr.

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