Editorial Reviews. Review. "Richard Godbeer's Escaping Salem is a thoughtful and lively retelling of a 'forgotten' witchcraft case. The strong story line is nicely. Richard Godbeer's book, Escaping Salem, tells the story of a witch hunt in Connecticut and a trial in which two members of the community were demonized and. Escaping Salem has ratings and 38 reviews. KC said: A quick read about Connecticut's witch hunt. Fun to learn about the history so close to my neighb.


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Escaping Salem: The Other Witch Hunt of 1692

I would really escaping salem liked a little more unpacking of this particular issue. The attitude shown by the magistrates toward the afflicted parties were polar reversals of each other. Whereas the afflicted girls in Salem were escaping salem to be unimpeachable witnesses and were all but encouraged to "perform" at the trials of those they accused, Kate Branch was treated with extreme skepticism.

No one wanted to be held responsible for that happening.


This led to the involvement of Katherine Branch who provided just such escaping salem opportunity. Daniel Wescot is implied as having influence in her accusations, which she uses to explain who may be inflicting her pains.

Common-place: Review

Escaping salem proceeds to name three people. These people were generally considered the black sheep of the surrounding area, or had some misgivings with the Wescot family with which Katherine Branch stayed.

Once Katherine issued the names the townspeople, relieved of the censorship of social misgivings, began to vent their suspicions against the suspected witches. After time, the testimony of Katherine Branch was refuted as false and not lent to the findings against the final two accused.

Mister Selleck was well aware escaping salem allegations of witchcraft could multiply rapidly and plunge entire communities into crisis. That investigation also began with mysterious fits that escaping salem blamed on local women.

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The Escaping salem witch hunt had become part of local lore. Those reports were not encouraging as Jonathan Selleck escaping salem his fellow magistrates launched their own investigation.

Mary Staples was a case in point: Godbeer likens examining seventeenth-century witch trials through the surviving transcripts to watching "narrow-beamed spotlights that play upon an otherwise darkened landscape".

ESCAPING SALEM by Richard Godbeer | Kirkus Reviews

Escaping Salem details this "other witch hunt of " and is one of the first volumes in a new series from Oxford entitled, New Narratives in American History. The series promises short studies that will "re-imagine the craft of writing history.

While the accusations of children begin each episode, it is the action of the adults in the households of the afflicted and in the churches and courts that determined the experiences of each community.

Godbeer clearly relates what escaping salem at stake in episodes of witch fears. The trial of a witch involved the whole community. As neighbors served as watchers over Kate Branch they became potential court witnesses. The failure to convict and execute true witches left those who testified against an acquitted witch at risk for "terrible revenge" To convict an accused witch, Puritans relied not on simple accusations but "careful observation and experimentation" of claims made by the victim and by witnesses: It was the deliberate use of this traditional approach by magistrates that ultimately saved Stamford from becoming a Salem in Trials also had escaping salem political dimension as the law was sometimes at odds with community notions of guilt and of justice.

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