And the Revised European Social Charter appears below. 4. The conclusions adopted by the Committee in October concern the accepted provisions. Considering that in the European Social Charter opened for signature in Turin on 18 October ETS – European Social Charter (Revised), V States, which are members of the European Social Charter of as well as of the revised European Social Charter of , are only bound.


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Article E in the Revised Charter confirms the right to non-discrimination. Full text of the Revised Social Charter Implementation of the Charter States which have ratified the Charter s submit reports on implementation.

European Social Charter and revised European Social Charter -

The European Committee of Social Rights decides whether or not the situation conforms to the Charter. Not all articles are examined in every report: View the extracts concerning inclusive education from the conclusions of the European Committee of Social Rights, The Committee of Ministers shall determine from time to time in respect of which provisions such reports shall be requested and the form of the reports to be provided.

Article 23 - Communication of copies 1. Each Contracting Party shall communicate copies of its reports referred to in Articles 21 and 22 to such of its national organisations as are members of the international organisations of employers and trade unions to be invited under Article 27, paragraph 2, to be represented at meetings of the Sub-committee of the Governmental Social Committee.

The Contracting Parties shall forward to the Secretary General any comments on the said reports received from these national organisations, if so requested by them. Article 24 - Examination of the reports The reports sent to the Secretary General in accordance with Articles 21 and 22 shall be examined by a Committee of Experts, who shall have also european social charter revised them any comments forwarded to the Secretary General in accordance with european social charter revised 2 of Article Article 25 - Committee of Experts 1.

The Committee of Experts shall consist of not more than seven members appointed by the Committee of Ministers from a list of independent experts of the highest integrity and of recognised competence in international social questions, nominated by the Contracting Parties.

U of M Human Rights Library: European Social Charter

The members of the committee shall be appointed for a period of six years. They may be reappointed.

However, of the members first appointed, the terms of office of two members shall expire at the end of four years. The members whose terms of office are to expire at the end of the initial period of four years shall be chosen by lot by the Committee of Ministers immediately after the first appointment has been made.

A member of the Committee of Experts appointed to replace a member european social charter revised term of office has not expired shall hold office for the remainder of his european social charter revised term. Article 26 - Participation of the International Labour Organisation The International Labour Organisation shall be invited to nominate a representative to participate in a consultative capacity in the deliberations of the Committee of Experts.

The European Social Charter and the Revised Social Charter

Article 27 - Sub-committee of the Governmental Social European social charter revised 1. The reports of the Contracting Parties european social charter revised the conclusions of the Committee of Experts shall be submitted for examination to a sub-committee of the Governmental Social Committee of the Council of Europe.

The sub-committee shall be composed of one representative of each of the Contracting Parties. It shall invite no more than two international organisations of employers and no more than two international trade union organisations as it may designate to be represented as observers in a consultative capacity at its meetings.

Moreover, it may consult no more than two representatives of international non-governmental organisations having consultative status with the Council of Europe, in respect of european social charter revised with which the organisations are european social charter revised qualified to deal, such as social welfare, and the economic and social protection of the family.

The sub-committee shall present to the Committee of Ministers a report containing its conclusions and append the report of the Committee of Experts. The Consultative Assembly shall communicate its views on these conclusions to the Committee of Ministers.


Article 29 - Committee of Ministers By a majority of two-thirds of the members entitled to sit on the Committee, the Committee of Ministers may, on the basis of the report of the sub-committee, and after consultation with the Consultative Assembly, make to each Contracting Party any necessary recommendations.

Part V Article 30 - Derogations in time of war or public european social charter revised 1.

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