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Page de garde pour le mémoire (Université 08 Mai _GUELMA) | Imey Princesse -

In addition there were two laboratories, two workshops, a big library and a refectory especially for those pupils who lived far from the school. Beyond all exemple page de garde apartments, there was staffroom and administration with different offices and a large ground to practice sport.

This middle school contained pupils.


The number of pupils varied from one class to another. This school had wonderful site, it was near the mosque and not far from the hospital, it was surrounded by many important places and buildings, it had a very attractive design.

There were 41 teachers in exemple page de garde school, for instance there was four English teachers.

Page de Garde LELE

Generally this experience had three main purposes: First, to know how to teach and the basic teaching techniques. Second, to learn from old and experienced teachers what were the main characteristics and aspect of an effective teacher?

The last point was to be involved in this unique world and to get experience from it. The time of the session was well distributed by the teacher in which she divided it into three phases: This stage lasted between ten exemple page de garde fifteen minutes.

The second phase was devoted for the explanation of the 1 lesson, she also gave enough time to the pupils to record what she explained and this was the writing phase. Then, she tried to check their copybooks to insist about the writing of the lesson. From time to time, the teacher gives the pupils the opportunity to practice the rule through activities that took place in the classroom.

In this case; the pupils have a special copybook for this kind of activities and once pupils finished they went to the teachers who corrected their answers and gave exemple page de garde a written feed-back, this can have a positive impact on the other pupils, it motivated them to try answer the question.

Page de Garde LELE - Mind the train!

The teacher in her method did not use the native language, but she tried to make the exemple page de garde deduced exemple page de garde meaning in French and Arabic to insist that the information is conveyed to them.

Moreover, she was able to simplify her language to fit the lower competence of the learners; she also employed body movements, emotional faces, gestures, drawing on the white board. In addition to that she offered them a set of synonyms and antonyms but not much, since the student in the early stage of language learning, they should received small items of the target language.

All those strategies can make the process of learning exemple page de garde and more enjoyable at the same time.

The matter was totally different in listening and speaking when the pupils were only depending on what they were listening to. So, here according to her the teacher has a lot of characteristics and aspects that were different from other activities and tasks.

In addition to that, she provided them a set of opposites and synonyms to enrich their vocabularies.

Page de Garde LELE

Exemple page de garde the 2 final step, the teacher attempted to interact with her pupils to underline the major ideas and induced them from the script collectively.

Sometimes, she made an individual activity in order to check their understanding, thus, this type of tasks required a great effort and long time to achieve it.

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  • Page de garde pour le mémoire (Université 08 Mai _GUELMA) | Imey Princesse -
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exemple page de garde In all beginning of the session, the teacher asks the pupils to write the date on the white board, also the teacher tried to correct the English copybook whenever the time is allowed.

Concerning the classroom in general, it was very organized, the number of pupils approximately were between 29 to 34 in every class.

Each level included one class of sport included only boys. The teacher forever before began the lesson she checked if her pupils bring their own textbooks.

Among the advices that was provided by the teacher.

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