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The assessment requires the students to research a specific legal scenario, write a memo dealing with the issues raised by the scenario, provide a research trail of all the research undertaken, and provide a bibliography of materials used in the research.

Prior to undertaking the summative assessment the students attend a number of small and large group sessions, which provide them with the knowledge and skills of fframwaith llythrennedd print and online resources that they could employ to undertake the research required for the assessment, as well as information on and preparation for the requirements of the assessment itself.

The formative assessment fframwaith llythrennedd undertaken fframwaith llythrennedd November, following the final two hour small group session, when the students undertake, in a class setting, the type of legal research and memo writing that they will need to do for the assessment.


The marking of the fframwaith llythrennedd assessment is more time consuming than the summative assessment as it requires the provision of individual and consistent feedback, related to the various requirements noted on the marking grid fframwaith llythrennedd.

I have used Padlets to gain student feedback on information literacy sessions.

Course: Grwp Arfer Dda - Archif /13

Particularly useful fframwaith llythrennedd include the ability to change the design of the wall; apply passwords to restrict access to Padlets; and export the Padlet and student responses for recording fframwaith llythrennedd analysis of feedback.

In my experience, a Padlet enables a quick method of gathering feedback and a high percentage of students in a session provide responses. Padlet offers an active, engaging option to obtaining student feedback and can provide a focal point at the end of an information literacy session.

  • Trac - Fframwaith Llythrennedd
  • Fframwaith Llythrennedd - Ysgrifennu - Cywirdeb by Dewi George on Prezi
  • Literacy and Numeracy Framework (LNF)/Fframwaith Llythrennedd a Rhifedd(FfLlRh)
  • Oxfam Education
  • For sample materials :-http://learning.gov.wales
  • Trac - Fframwaith Llythrennedd

A well-chosen video will help make fframwaith llythrennedd memorable the points which you have presented in your session. Possible means for obtaining IL videos are: Use a video which has been prepared externally Video sharing web sites such as YouTube offer an increasing number of videos on IL themes such as identifying source types, referencing, the research process etc.

The quality of production and content varies considerably. Many videos are of US origin so may fframwaith llythrennedd necessarily be appropriate within a UK context.

To aid the marking process I produce a draft research trail of my own as a template for that particular question which fframwaith llythrennedd to cover most research eventualities. If I find a student has successfully used a different way to find information, I add that fframwaith llythrennedd my template.

It is important that I am consistent and able to justify my reasons for marking a paper not competent. I create a document where, against each student fframwaith llythrennedd, I highlight any poor use of the resources and whether they were competent fframwaith llythrennedd not competent.

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