This type of communication is used to transmit voice, video, telemetry and data over long distances and local area networks or computer networks. A fiber Optic Communication System uses light wave technology to transmit the data over a fiber by changing electronic signals into light. Fiber-Optic Communication Systems [Govind P. Agrawal] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This book provides a comprehensive account of. Recent years have seen an exponential increase in demand for large bandwidth and high data rate applications. This is fuelled by rapid.


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This development was spurred by the discovery of Indium gallium arsenide and the development of the Indium Gallium Arsenide photodiode by Pearsall.

Engineers overcame earlier difficulties with pulse-spreading at that wavelength fiber-optic communication systems conventional InGaAsP semiconductor lasers.


Scientists overcame this difficulty by using dispersion-shifted fiber-optic communication systems designed fiber-optic communication systems have minimal dispersion at 1.

These developments eventually allowed third-generation systems to operate commercially at 2. The fourth generation of fiber-optic communication systems used optical amplification to reduce the need for repeaters and wavelength-division multiplexing to increase data capacity.

Fiber-Optic Communication Systems, 4th Edition

The conventional wavelength window, known as the C band, covers the wavelength range 1. Other developments include the concept of " optical solitons ", pulses that preserve their shape by counteracting the effects of dispersion with the nonlinear effects of the fiber by using pulses of a specific shape.

In the late s throughindustry promoters, and research companies such as KMI, and RHK predicted massive increases in demand for communications bandwidth due to increased use of the Internetand commercialization of various bandwidth-intensive consumer services, such fiber-optic communication systems video on demand.

Internet fiber-optic communication systems data traffic was increasing exponentially, at a faster rate than integrated circuit complexity had increased under Moore's Law.

From the bust of the dot-com bubble throughhowever, the main trend in the industry has been consolidation of firms and offshoring fiber-optic communication systems manufacturing to reduce costs.

Technology[ edit ] Modern fiber-optic communication systems generally include an optical transmitter fiber-optic communication systems convert an electrical signal into an optical signal to send through the optical fiber, a cable containing bundles of multiple optical fibers that is routed through underground conduits and buildings, multiple kinds of amplifiers, and an optical receiver to recover the signal as an electrical signal.

The information transmitted is typically digital information generated by computers, telephone systems and cable television companies.

Fiber-Optic Communication Systems and Techniques - Course

Transmitters[ edit ] A GBIC module shown here with its cover removedis an optical and electrical transceiver.

The electrical connector is at top right and the optical connectors are at bottom left The fiber-optic communication systems commonly used optical transmitters are semiconductor devices such fiber-optic communication systems light-emitting diodes LEDs and laser diodes.


The difference between LEDs and laser diodes is that LEDs produce incoherent lightwhile laser diodes produce coherent light. For use in optical communications, semiconductor optical transmitters must be designed to be compact, efficient and reliable, while operating fiber-optic communication systems an optimal wavelength range and directly modulated at high frequencies.

In its simplest form, an Fiber-optic communication systems is a forward-biased p-n junctionemitting light through spontaneous emissiona phenomenon referred to as electroluminescence.

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However, due to their relatively simple design, LEDs are very useful for low-cost applications. The large spectrum width of LEDs is subject to higher fiber dispersion, considerably limiting their bit rate-distance product a fiber-optic communication systems measure of usefulness.

LEDs have also been developed that use several quantum wells to emit light at different wavelengths fiber-optic communication systems a broad spectrum and are currently in use for local-area WDM Wavelength-Division Multiplexing networks. The narrow spectral width also allows for high bit rates since it reduces the effect of chromatic dispersion.

Fiber-optic communication - Wikipedia

Furthermore, semiconductor lasers can be modulated directly at high frequencies because of short recombination time. Laser diodes are often directly modulatedthat is the light output is controlled by a current applied directly to the device.

For very high data rates or very long distance links, a laser source may be operated continuous waveand the light modulated by an external device, an optical modulatorsuch as an electro-absorption modulator or Mach—Zehnder interferometer.

External modulation increases the achievable link distance by eliminating laser chirpwhich broadens the linewidth of fiber-optic communication systems modulated fiber-optic communication systems, increasing the chromatic dispersion in the fiber.

A transceiver is a device combining a transmitter and a receiver in a single housing see picture on right.

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