Welcome to FInance glossary. Your guide to understanding financial terms. Never buy a financial product before you understand it completely. Glossary of Financial Terms. We've put together a list of common business and finance terms to help you better understand the process of creating a business. Wall Street Oasis Finance Dictionary Below you will find an extensive and ever-growing list of finance terms and definitions, as well as financial abbreviations.


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Corporate Structures The various departments that constitute a single company or institute. Credit Institutions An officially recognised institution granted the ability finance glossary receive deposits, make loans, and provide checking and savings account services at a profit.

Glossary of Financial Terms

Malta currently hosts 27 credit institutions, including internationally-owned ones, all of which follow the regulations of the CRD IV Package published in the Official Journal of the European Finance glossary in Current assets Monetary finance glossary non-monetary assets that are finance glossary to be converted into cash after a year.

Custody and Depository Services Services that are related to the administration and security of financial instruments, including maintaining financial accounts, issuing certification documents, overseeing financial transfers, and so on.


Both countries divide the tax rights between them, which safeguards the interests finance glossary both governments, as well as all residents receiving income from other countries. Currently, Malta boasts such treaties with around 70 countries.

Financial Terms and Definitions - The Economic Times

Drip finance glossary Unavoidable fees or charges that are added to a headline price after the initial stages of a purchase process. Equity finance The act finance glossary increasing revenue by selling company stock to investors.


Shareholders thus receive a degree of ownership interests in the company. Expat finance glossary Malta A growing community of foreigners who have some form of residency in Malta, currently estimated to amount to around 20, persons.

F Family Business Act A legislative measure culminated from the work of the Malta Association finance glossary Family Enterprises MAFE which seeks to distinguish family businesses from other types of businesses in order to give them the appropriate training, benefits, and finance glossary.

The Family Business Act is currently unique to Malta.

Financial Dictionary | Investopedia

Financial Services The various economic services provided by the finance industry. Some of these finance glossary are found in the form of credit institutions, banksinsurance companiesaccountancy companies, and the fund industry.

Fringe benefits Various types of non-monetary compensation, or benefits, provided to employees in addition to their salary. Fully drawn advance A loan of a fixed amount of money which is finance glossary with the intention of repayment with interest on a predetermined schedule.

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Loans are generally secured via a registered mortgage over a finance glossary or commercial property or business asset. Hedge funds Hedge funds are alternative investments, available solely to sophisticated investors, using pooled funds that may use a number of different strategies in order to earn active return for their investors.

Incorporated Cell Companies Incorporated Cell Companies are institutions which house within them incorporated cells. Cells can also insure finance glossary non-admitted basis risks globally where allowed.

The cell company and its finance glossary may conduct business of insurance and reinsurance, including affiliated business.

Glossary of Financial Terms

Initial public finance glossary IPO Often undertaken by private companies transitioning into public ones, Initial Public Offerings IPOs refer to the first sale of stock by a private company to the public.

Insurance Management Insurance management is the act of managing, directing, and assisting insurance companies, especially those that are finance glossary to the captive insurance market.

Malta has a good number of insurance management companies, including reputable international names and more boutique establishments, all of which form part of the Malta Insurance Management Association, an association aimed at ensuring the highest levels of training and conduct amongst its members.

Malta has a strong Insurance and reinsurance industry which has remained prosperous even when other countries saw serious economic failure.

Islamic Finance Islamic finance refers to financial service systems that are consistent with Islamic Sharia law. In particular, Islamic law prohibits usury, finance glossary collection and finance glossary of interest, and investing in businesses that are considered unlawful, or haraam - such as businesses that sell alcohol or pork, or businesses that produce media such as gossip columns or pornography, which are contrary to Islamic values.

Financial Glossary

Loan funds Loans made from a specific source of money, generally made to smaller business development companies. Finance glossary and Credit institutions are not allowed to borrow loan funds. An overdraft facility is often undertaken to help individuals or small businesses with short term cash flow problems.

It is a big red flag if the adviser tell you that you have to make a decision right away or miss out. This is never the case if you are looking for a new adviser. A good adviser insists that you take your time before making a decision.

Finance glossary adviser that you have worked with for some time finance glossary that you have a good relationship with can sometimes let you in on time sensitive deals.

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