Handel Biography – History of George Frideric Handel. George Frideric Handel, a German Baroque composer who later quite identified as British, was born in Halle, Germany on February 23, His parents were Georg Handel, a distinguished barber-surgeon, and his mother, Dorothea. Biography and work for George Frideric Handel, Listen to classical music and albums or compositions by George Frideric Handel online. Baroque composer George Frideric Handel was born in Halle, Germany, in In he made his debut as an opera composer with Almira. When Italian operas fell out of fashion, he started composing oratorios, including his most famous, Messiah. Handel died in London, England, in Death Date‎: ‎April 14‎, ‎


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He had created for himself a new public among the rising middle classes, who would have turned away in moral indignation from the Italian opera but who were quite ready to be edified by a moral tale from the Bible, george frideric handel biography to suitably dignified and, by now, rather old-fashioned music.

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Handel now began to experience trouble with his sight. He managed with great difficulty to finish the last of his oratorios, Jephtha, which was performed at Covent Garden Theatre, London, in He kept his interest in musical activities alive until the end.

The influences of George frideric handel biography Corelli and Alessandro Scarlatti can be detected in his work to the end of his long life, and the French style of Jean-Baptiste Lully and, later, that of the English composer Henry Purcell are also evident.

Above all, his music is eminently vocal.

His choruses have a power and effectiveness that have never been surpassed, and his writing for them is remarkable for the manner george frideric handel biography which he interweaves massive but simple harmonic passages with contrapuntal sections of great ingenuity, the whole most effectively illustrating the text.

His writing for the solo voice is outstanding in its suitability for the medium and its unerring melodic line. Handel had a striking ability to depict human character musically in a single scene or george frideric handel biography, a gift used with great dramatic power in his operas and oratorios.

Courtesy of The National Portrait Gallery, London Though the bulk of his music was vocal, Handel was nevertheless one of the great instrumental composers of the late Baroque era. His long series of overtures mostly in the French stylehis orchestral concertos Op.

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In the earlier part of george frideric handel biography career Handel wrote a large number of solo and duo Italian cantatas with instrumental accompaniment, as well as vocal duets and trios with the more economical accompaniment of basso continuo: Handel wrote and published in a set of 12 such concertos, Opus 6, designed originally for strings and continuo.

An earlier compilation of six concerti grossi, scored also for wind instruments, had been published in London in Water Music is a set of pieces written in to entertain George I as he was rowed up the Thames to supper at Chelsea, and Music for the Royal Fireworks, written inpreceded a firework display in Green Park, a celebration of the Peace of Aix-la-Chapelle.

After studying law briefly george frideric handel biography the University of Halle, Handel began serving as organist on March 13,at the Domkirche there.

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Dissatisfied, he took a post as violinist in the Hamburg opera orchestra inand his frustration with musically provincial northern Germany was perhaps shown when he fought a duel george frideric handel biography following year with the composer Matheson over the accompaniment to one of Matheson's operas.

In Handel took off for Italy, then the font of operatic innovation, and mastered contemporary trends in Italian serious opera.


He returned to Germany to become court composer in Hannover, whose rulers were linked by family ties with the British throne; his patron there, the Elector of Hannover, became King George I of England. Arguably the finest, however, are Giulio Cesare and Rodelindawhich, thanks to their superb orchestral and vocal writing, have entered the mainstream opera repertoire.

Also revived in recent years are a number of secular cantatas and what one might call secular oratorios or concert operas. Of the former, Ode for St. For his secular oratorios, Handel turned to classical mythology for subjects, producing such works as Acis and GalateaHerculesand Semele In terms of musical style, particularly in the vocal writing for the English-language texts, these works have close kinship with the above-mentioned george frideric handel biography oratorios, but george frideric handel biography also share something of the lyrical and dramatic qualities of Handel's Italian operas.

As such, they are sometimes performed onstage by small chamber ensembles. With the rediscovery of his theatrical works, Handel, in addition to his renown as instrumentalist, orchestral writer, and melodist, is now perceived as being one of opera's great musical dramatists.

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Handel has generally been accorded high esteem by fellow composers, both in his own time and since. Bach apparently said george frideric handel biography is the only person I would wish to see before I die, and the only person I would wish to be, were I not Bach.

Mozart is reputed to have said of him, "Handel understands effect better than any of us.

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