Gespräche mit Gott has 23 ratings and 0 reviews: pages. Buy Gespräche mit Gott - Band 3: Kosmische Weisheit by Neale Donald Walsch, Susanne Kahn-Ackermann (ISBN: ) from Amazon's Book Store. Das hier ist die englische Originalversion zu "Gespräche mit Gott". Bei Übersetzungen geht leider meistens viel verloren, und dachte mir, ein bisschen Englisch.


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And the next morning, its dried up.


I was trying to show you that whatever bears no fruit in your life, you can get rid of! And so, too, will it be gespraeche mit gott anything which stands in the way of your happiness.

Gespräche mit Gott - Band 2: Gesellschaft und by Neale Donald Walsch

He was simply using the tree as a tool to demonstrate a larger truth. Now, Susan, a question for you. Gespraeche mit gott you pick a flower to give to your loved one, has the flower been misused? What difference would it make? Dear Neale, God observes that human beings are making the choice to continue down the path of self-destruction.

Conversations with God - IMDb

gespraeche mit gott One does not have to look far to observe the apparent truth of that statement. So my question is, what difference would it make if we did ourselves in? Since the Universe no longer revolves around this planet and since the survival of our souls is guaranteed, what would be the loss, anywhere, if humanity were no longer here?

It would make gespraeche mit gott difference at all if we did ourselves in.

Gespräche mit Gott - Moments of Grace

There would be no loss at all if humanity was no longer here. There is only one reason for us to do anything—save the world, change the direction in which humanity is moving, or get gespraeche mit gott haircut, for that matter.


CwG says that every act is an act of self-definition. The only reason to do anything, therefore, gespraeche mit gott simply to decide and declare, announce and fulfill, become and experience Who We Really Are.

If who gespraeche mit gott are is a person who sees his world self-destructing and choosing to do nothing about it, then there is no other reason to stop the process. Let the world self-destruct.

The only person it might make a difference to is you. If it makes no difference to you, then thats that. The discussion is over. On the other hand, if you, yourself, feel that you would like to live gespraeche mit gott a planet which is NOT destroying itself, you may wish to do something about that.

Gespräche Mit Gott. Band 1 by Neale Donald Walsch

Always, always, always, the decision is yours, for reasons that are gespraeche mit gott. What is it really all about? I think I may have missed it. I kept wondering, what is joyful about the coming of someone who is going to be a lord over us?

Gespräche mit Gott: Vollständige Ausgabe by Neale Donald Walsch

And these truly were tidings of comfort, and joy. But this is also a celebration of the birth of the Christed one in all of us.


But oh, my gosh, did that sound bad. I mean, it actually sounded like blasphemy. How could Christmas be about me? Of all the self-centered, ego-maniacal thoughts!

This gespraeche mit gott about the coming of the Lord!

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