In , Nicholas Gotelli and Robert Colwell published a review paper in Ecology Letters that flagged common mistakes that ecologists were. A Primer of Ecology presents a concise but detailed exposition of the most common mathematical models in population and community ecology. It is intended to. A Primer of Ecology has 89 ratings and 4 reviews. Kevin said: MUCH better than the Vandermeer and Goldberg book on population and community ecology.


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Ecology letters, 4 4 There were actually two motivations. That chapter laid out some of the ideas from gotelli ecology literature that were already there.

A Primer of Ecology

The second thing happened a little closer to the date of the paper. It turns out that the answer depends entirely on gotelli ecology you use a rarefaction approach or not. Basically, you can get opposite answers depending on the exact way that you measure species richness.

Gotelli ecology, I think it was these two things that got me started on the review.

Null Models in Ecology

This paper is the first one we wrote together, but Rob was my undergraduate ecology instructor at the University of California, Berkeley, ingotelli ecology he taught an upper division course in Community Ecology, which had a huge influence gotelli ecology my career path.

That book was what brought Rob and me back into contact, and then I began working on the rarefaction problem for the null models book and again continued talking to Rob. Which was it in the case of this paper? We may have gone to him, I am not sure.

Null Models in Ecology

I think we may have set up the agreement to do it, but the pieces were already there. One of the interesting things about this paper is there is very little in it that was new, even at the time it was published.

Can you tell gotelli ecology a little about the writing process itself gotelli ecology did you get together with Rob to write this, or was it done mostly over email? No, as with almost all my papers with Rob, everything was done over email.

We would each use two highlight colours — one highlight colour was for your new text and one highlight colour was for gotelli ecology comments on the existing text.

  • Nicholas J. Gotelli - Google Scholar Citations
  • A primer of ecology / Nicholas J. Gotelli - Details - Trove
  • A Primer of Ecology
  • Null Models in Ecology
  • Duplicate citations

I remember manuscript drafts would get huge gotelli ecology size with the 4 rainbow colours of highlighting, but gradually it would shrink down as we finalized the wording. Rob is a wonderful collaborator and gotelli ecology, and I think our comments, in some cases, ended up being longer than the actual text.

He really is a fabulous writer.

A Primer of Ecology: Nicholas J Gotelli | NHBS Book Shop

He takes great care in the craft gotelli ecology writing, and a lot of the time was spent reworking particular sentences and organizing the different sections.

In a way, it was not a hard paper to write at all. As I said, most of the things were already in the literature in one place or another, but we both felt that ecologists were not paying attention gotelli ecology this older literature. They were not taking into account some of these really basic issues on how to standardize and quantify gotelli ecology richness.

Did this feeling come from seeing a lot of papers using richness measures inappropriately at that time?

A Primer of Ecology by Nicholas J. Gotelli

Yes, there were lots of papers that were, you know, calculating diversity indices, species per unit area etc. Some of this was in the conservation literature, where people were trying to extrapolate species-area curves to estimate extinction rates and things like that.

But making these linear re-scalings always causes problems for species diversity measures. How long did it take — from when you had gotelli ecology idea to write this paper, to its publication?

I am going to put it at somewhere between six to nine months. Did it sail gotelli ecology review?

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