It remains a mystery why more African farmers are not breeding the native African Guinea fowl. They are hardy, low on cost, and in demand. Trial work into rearing guinea fowl on a commercial scale first started on the Woodfield site about 18 months ago. But the idea goes back further. Where to start if you are interested in keeping Guinea fowl in the garden keeps both chickens and guineas on her farm has had no problems.


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Once a few have tasted the delights of outdoor life, the rest are likely to follow and the battle will be lost.


Guinea fowl dislike going into dark places, so sticking a battery-powered cupboard light in their house will also be helpful.

An guinea fowl farming is to keep the birds guinea fowl farming a large run, so that they have no choice but to live in safety. Give them as much space as possible, but roof the run or they will fly out unless you clip their wings.


It is said that fertility drops when guineas are kept confined, so they are probably much happier if allowed free-range. Obtaining your first Guinea guinea fowl farming Choose either young keets or hatching eggs as older birds are difficult to settle in a new environment guinea fowl farming are likely to remain rather wild.

Bear in mind that the shells are particularly strong, although healthy keets should hatch without difficulty. Brooding Keets can be brooded under a heat lamp like chicks or naturally with a broody chicken.

Ideally they should be fed a turkey or game bird starter for the higher protein content, guinea fowl farming they can also be reared on chick crumbs. Their legs are particularly delicate this applies to the adults as well so provide a non-slip surface to help prevent splaying.

Raising Guinea Fowl: A Low-Maintenance Flock

Keets are lively and agile, so make sure their pen is escape proof and cover it with mesh to stop them jumping out. The females can also call on one note though, so listen carefully before deciding which is which. Adult males are usually larger with bigger wattles and head furnishings.

Keeping them confined to their house for a few weeks will help encourage them to come home to guinea fowl farming when given a wider range.

Leave a feeder in their house, and persuade them further with a treat guinea fowl farming corn at suppertime. Even so, you may need to dedicate some time to guinea training in the early days.

There is an interesting article at Guineafowl International http: Many times the mothers will lead their little offspring right through dewy grass, causing them to chill. This should explain why most guinea keepers use an incubator or a broody chicken for hatching.

Caring for Guinea Keets A baby guinea is called a "keet" from guinea fowl farming old Nordic word "cytling" or "keetling," meaning a young animal. Some people choose to order day-old keets by mail.

If you do so, be sure to open the carton in front of the mail carrier, just in case you have to file a claim. Chances are, though, you'll find a healthy gang of eager little birds with beady, black eyes and bright coral beaks and feet.

If guinea fowl farming plan to free-range your guineas, it's a good idea to start out with keets rather than full-grown birds.


The baby guinea fowl farming become acquainted with their home ground as they broaden their foraging range, while guinea fowl farming guineas are likely to fly the coop the first chance they get.

Keets of the dark variety look an awful lot like two-legged chipmunks with two-tone brown stripes down their backs. The little critters are a study in perpetual motion as they scurry about, pecking at the tip of each other's beaks, nipping on each other's toes, rat-a-tatting the walls, and flapping their stubby little wings for the sheer joy of movement.

A Taste for Guinea Fowl Could Hatch Thousands of Jobs in Ghana

Then suddenly, as if on command, they all will collapse into instant sleep. Because they are so small and delicate, keets can be easily trampled or guinea fowl farming during their critical first two weeks of life. To avoid losing any, keep the keets uncrowded.

When they reach three weeks of age, move them into larger facilities offering at least one square foot of space per bird.

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