HERVARAR SAGA OK HEIDREKS KONUNGS. THE Hervarar Saga stands out among the Heroic. Sagas in its extraordinary diversity and wealth of material. Hervarar saga ok Heiðreks is a legendary saga from the 13th century combining matter from several older sagas. It is a valuable saga for several different  ‎Description · ‎Synopsis · ‎Influence, legacy, and · ‎References. Hervarar saga ok Heiðreks. Edited by G. Turville-Petre. | + xx pp. | | Paperback x in. $20 |. How to Purchase Buy Now.


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Farewell, farewell to all you dead!

I would that I were sped! Farewell all you in the mound! Then she returned towards her ships; but when dawn came, she saw that they had departed.

The vikings hervarar saga been scared by the rumblings and the flames on the island. She got hervarar saga ship to carry her away; but nothing is told of her voyage till she came to Guthmund in Glasisvellir, where she remained all through hervarar saga winter, still calling herself Hervarth.

Skaldic project

One day Guthmund hervarar saga playing chess, and when the game was almost up, he asked if anyone could advise him as to his moves. So Hervarth went up to him and began to direct his moves; and it was not long before Guthmund began to win. Then somebody took up Tyrfing and drew it. When Hervarth saw this, he snatched the sword out of his hands, hervarar saga slew him, and then left the room.


Hervarar saga wanted to rush out in pursuit, but Guthmund said: Hervarar saga woman-man will cost you dear before you take his life. And when she grew tired of that she went home to the Earl, her mother's father.


There she behaved like other girls, working at her embroidery and fine needlework. One was called Angantyr, the other Heithrek.

Hervarar saga

They were both big strong men—sensible and handsome. Angantyr resembled his father in character and was kindly disposed towards everyone.

But however much good he did, Heithrek did still more evil. hervarar saga

His foster-father was called Gizur. This greatly displeased him, but he put in an appearance all hervarar saga same, declaring that he would do them some mischief.

And when he entered the hall, Angantyr rose and went to hervarar saga him and invited him to sit beside him.

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Heithrek was not cheerful, but he sat till late in the evening after Angantyr had gone; and then he turned to the men who sat on either side of him and worked upon them by his conversation in such a hervarar saga that they became infuriated with each other. But when Angantyr came back he told hervarar saga to be quiet.

Hervarar saga og Heiðreks

And when Angantyr went out a second time, Heithrek reminded them of his words, and hervarar saga upon them to such an extent that one of them struck the other.

Then Angantyr hervarar saga and persuaded them to keep the peace till morning. And the third time Angantyr went away, Heithrek asked the man who had been struck why he had not the courage to avenge himself.

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