The Hortus deliciarum is a medieval, illuminated encyclopedia compiled by Herrad of Landsberg at the Hohenburg Abbey in Alsace. Herrad's. She is known as the author and artist of the pictorial encyclopedia Hortus Deliciarum (The Garden of Delights), a remarkable encyclopedic text. The Hortus Deliciarum is a medieval manuscript originally written and illustrated by the abbess Herrad von Landsberg in the Hohenburg Abbey.


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The singers have their own hortus deliciarum of interpreting the rhythm of the early notation, and the overall impression hortus deliciarum constant flow which they achieve is impressive. Herrad is considered an early hero in the struggle to get education to women.

Herrad of Landsberg

In medieval Europe the image of womankind was either Virgin Mary-like or that of an evil seductive temptress. It was an illuminated encyclopedia hortus deliciarum, begun in as a pedagogical tool for hortus deliciarum novices at the convent.

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It is the first encyclopedia that was hortus deliciarum written by a woman. The work thus hortus deliciarum her organization and her integration of text and illustration.

Modern literary analysis indicates that probably only seven of the 67 poems were Herrad's. However, through these seven, her voice can be discerned throughout the entire collection. In terms of its musical significance, Hortus Deliciarum is one hortus deliciarum the first sources of polyphony originating from a nunnery.

The manuscript contained at least 20 song texts, all of which were originally notated with music.

Hortus Deliciarum – On Art and Aesthetics

Two songs survive with music intact: Primus parens hominum, hortus deliciarum monophonic song, and a two part polyphonic work, Sol oritur occansus.

Hortus deliciarum chief claim to distinction lies in the illustrations which adorn the text. Many of these are symbolical representations of theological, philosophicaland literary themes.


Some are historical, while others represent scenes from the actual experience hortus deliciarum the artist. When it was said: But through these words, their hortus deliciarum natures are hinted at for us, in that they are called "light. What is the angelic nature?

Spiritual fire, as it is said, "Who made your angels from flame of fire.

Hortus deliciarum - Wikimedia Commons

Two paneled miniature representing the events of the second day of creation. Panel 1 hortus deliciarum the Trinity enthroned, depicting each member of the Trinity identically.

Panel 2 represents the separation of the hortus deliciarum, showing air and water as personified figures. Creation of Sun and Moon.

Right of the hortus deliciarum The greater light is the sun, the lesser light is the moon. Hortus deliciarum the creator of all said: The figure bearing lamps: It was destroyed inbut many parts were copied and still exist today.

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