HPE 3PAR StoreServ Storage delivers the advantages of all flash array architecture without compromising resiliency, data services, or data mobility. You can attach HP 3PAR T-Class and F-Class Storage Systems, which include the HP P 3PAR Storage System, to the FlashSystem V system. HPE 3PAR StoreServ storage offers our clients the performance, simplicity, and scalability of flash storage at near-HDD cost. So what is HPE.


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And you need it all for a price you can afford.

HPE 3PAR StoreServ Storage

With rich capabilities at an unbelievably low entry price and non-disruptive scalability to four nodes, HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage eliminates tradeoffs. You no longer need to choose between affordability and Tier 1 resiliency or flash-optimized performance and Tier 1 data services.

That's because HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage shares the same flash-optimized architecture and software stack with the entire line of HP 3PAR StoreServ arrays, so you'll not only get an industry-leading advanced storage platform, but you'll also be able to meet block and file storage needs today and object storage needs as they arise.

With combined deduplication and thin provisioning capabilities, HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage provides the most efficient converged file and block solution available.

Mastering the unpredictable also means being able to move data and workloads between arrays without impact to your applications, hp 3par storage, or services.

The underlying storage federation capabilities that make hp 3par storage seamless data movement possible can also help improve availability in clustered VMware environments.

The gold standard for Tier 1 storage, now for all of the midrange High availability and uncompromising data protection are must-haves for any enterprise data center—not just those that can afford high-end storage.

And since HP 3PAR Remote Copy configuration is now autonomic, you can simply and quickly complete set-up in one step to ensure that your data is protected from the start.

HPE 3PAR StoreServ 8000 Storage

HP 3PAR Persistent Cache preserves service levels so they are not impacted by unplanned component failures—a key requirement for the virtual data center. With Peer Persistence, you'll also hp 3par storage able to hp 3par storage storage across data centers, regardless of physical boundary constraints.

Automated failover and failback between two sites or data centers is transparent to hp 3par storage, which keeps your VMware deployments seamlessly running even in the event of a disaster.

A flash-optimized architecture enables optimal performance of flash-based SSDs while block-level storage tiering and mixed workload optimization enable high levels of performance for both spinning and non-spinning media, so you can put more applications on the same storage to lower total infrastructure cost.

All-Flash, Solid-State Array Data Storage – 3PAR StoreServ | HPE EUROPE

Unlike traditional arrays that require you to "scale up" to support growth or increase performance, the platform's clustered, Mesh-Active design, with fine-grained virtualization and system-wide striping, delivers capacity and performance that scales even at extremely hp 3par storage capacity utilization levels.

This significantly reduces latency and enhances backend performance to meet the requirements of response-time sensitive applications like Oracle Database and Microsoft Exchange. Reducing unnecessary writes also helps extend the life of flash-based media for better cost-efficiency.

A high-performance architecture also allows you to get more out of your VMware vSphere deployment, where extensive use hp 3par storage virtual memory pages to disk can limit VM consolidation on your physical servers when paired with legacy storage, but not with HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage.

In the area of effortless efficiency, unlike bolt-on thin storage on legacy arrays, HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage features hardware-enabled thin technologies that allow the system to run in a state of consistent high capacity utilization without performance tradeoffs.

This allows you to save on the cost of a storage technology hp 3par storage and then increase storage ROI by keeping incremental purchases, administration, and operating costs low over time.

Policy-driven, autonomic storage tiering technologies also make efficiency effortless by balancing cost and performance to hp 3par storage service-level requirements for the lowest cost, while increasing business hp 3par storage and mitigating risk.

For example, HP 3PAR Adaptive Optimization software leverages a proven, fine-grained data movement engine and applies it to independent regions within a volume to deliver highly reliable, nondisruptive, autonomic-tiered storage to provide the right quality of service QoS to the right data at the right time so you can meet service level targets.

If your application or environment requires protection from unauthorized access of the data on a drive, then you should consider this solution.


You get the peace of mind in knowing that all data contained on these drives is protected against hp 3par storage access, even if a drive is stolen, fails, or has to be retired.

Support for multi-tenant storage is a must-have requirement in modern data centers. But multi-tenancy can hp 3par storage resource contention.

With HP 3PAR Priority Optimization software, you can reduce this contention by limiting maximum performance for a specific application, tenant, or workload.

HP 3PAR StoreServ 2/4-node Storage Base |

It provides high-priority applications with all the resources they need to meet service levels. It enables certainty and predictability for all applications and tenants. Incredibly simple to install, own, and upgrade Simplicity saves you money, but it must be there from the start.

In addition, you hp 3par storage New SmartStart installation gets you up and running in six quick and easy steps, while Rapid Provisioning reduces array planning by hp 3par storage and autonomically managing system-wide striping of data across internal resources.

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  • Configuring HP 3PAR F-Class and HP 3PAR T-Class Storage Systems

Autonomic Groups gives you the flexibility to create host, volume, and domain groups to further automate and expedite storage provisioning, both now and hp 3par storage the future.

Three clicks and 60 seconds are all you need to fully create and provision multiple volumes to multiple servers.

All of these volumes are reconfigurable in just seconds, without disruption and without compromise.

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