Christianity vs Humanism. Hemant Mehta shared this. It certainly bears some resemblance to the differences between many conservative. The great issue of the years ahead is the developing battle between Christianity and humanism. It is a war unto death. Christianity is a world. Secular Humanism Vs Christianity. By: Anya Tempest. Which school of thought offers more hope for future generations? A discussion. Written.


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History for the humanist is at its best simply man's determination, whereas for the Christian it is God's determination. In the sciences, we must again deny the humanism vs christianity of chance. Materialistic determinism is no better. The Newtonian view of causality has collapsed because its single and purely naturalistic view is inadequate.

Secular Humanism Vs Christianity, an essay fiction | FictionPress

There is no single cause in nature. Moreover, the multiplicity of causes does not suffice to account for the fact of order, design, and meaning.

Only the presupposition of the God of Scripture can properly undergird science. In literature, we must ask, what is a classic? The idea of what constitutes a classic has varied from culture to culture. Thus the great Vietnamese classic, The Tale of Kieu, is a humanism vs christianity of humanism.

Christianity vs. Humanism?

It encourages self-pity, the indictment of God, and a belief that man, who has the root of goodness in him, is the victim of God. In teaching language, we must remember that grammar and culture are interrelated.

There is a theological humanism vs christianity to grammar.

Relativistic cultures cannot develop a truly future tense, nor a proper sense of the future. On the other hand because Christians believe that God made mankind, gives purpose and guidance to humanity, and will one humanism vs christianity judge everyone, then it follows that for Christians, only God can humanism vs christianity the standard for human behavior.

Should any particular standard of behavior dominate a society at any given time, it is not because that standard has any greater inherent value, but it is because that particular society has collectively chosen, for whatever reasons, to live by it.

Christianity Versus Humanism

On the other hand, because Christians believe that there is only one standard, and that it is set by God, then it follows that, for Christians, all human behavior within society, to be acceptable to God and godly people, must conform to that single God-given standard.

Would you not agree that when assessed by the criterion of behavioral standards, our society is becoming more humanistic? Value of Human Life Because humanists believe that human life originates by evolutionary chance, and that people are only physical beings, then it follows that, for humanists, no human life has any inherent value or sacredness.

On the other hand, because Christians believe that life originates with God, only God should take human life. Except for humanism vs christianity punishment, self-defense, and wars which were specifically authorized by God, mankind is forbidden to take humanism vs christianity life of another human being.

And because Christians believe that humanity is both physical and spiritual, made in the image of God, then it follows that, for Christians, every human being, from the moment of his conception, has an humanism vs christianity God given value or sacredness.

Because humanists believe that man is only humanism vs christianity in nature, then it follows that, for humanists, human life should be valued only for its physical desirability and productivity.

On the other hand, because Christians believe that mankind is both physical and spiritual in nature, then it follows that, for Christians, human life should be evaluated in both physical and spiritual terms.

Because humanists believe that human life has no value unless it is desired or productive, humanism vs christianity it follows that, for humanists, when human life is not desired or productive, it may be destroyed.

Humanism vs christianity the other hand, because Christians believe that human life is God given and also of a spiritual nature, then it follows that, for Christians, human life must be sanctified and preserved.

Because humanists believe that human life has no inherent value, humanism vs christianity the will of humankind is thought to be better served by abortion, infanticide, euthanasia, or suicide, then that should be encouraged. On the other hand, because Christians believe that human life originates with God, that it has a spiritual nature, and that it should be preserved, then it follows that, for Christians, every form of eliminating human life, whether through abortion, infanticide, euthanasia, suicide, genocide, or homicide, must be strongly resisted.

What do I do that proves I am thinking in terms of eternity? Realizes that sex is a gift from God, who created us as sexual beings.


Realizes that, when used as God intended i.

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