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Ezekiel, 1 - International Standard Bible Encyclopedia

Although these challenges are very significant, they help to boost the efforts of the present disciples of Christ to be good illustrated bible encyclopedia to the world.

What prompted the writing of this book is that author Sunday J. Etsekhume clamored for a dramatic change in the way some churches do outreach.

World of Books USA was founded in When compared with almost every other prophetic book, we are particularly favorably situated in dealing with the genuineness of the Book of Ezekiel compare my illustrated bible encyclopedia, Die messianische Erwartung der vorexilischen Propheten, zugleich ein Protest gegen moderne Textzersplitterungas this is practically not illustrated bible encyclopedia all called into question, and efforts to prove a complicated composition of the book are scarcely made.

Both the efforts of Zunz, made long ago compare Zeitschrift der deutsch-morgenlandishchen Gesellschaft,and Die gottesdienstlichen Vortrage der Judenand of Seinecke Geschichte des Volkes Israel, II, 1 to prove a Persian or even a Greek period as the time of the composition of the book; as also the later attempt of Kroetzmann, in his Commentary on Ezekiel, to show that there are two recensions of the book, have found no favor.

The claim that Ezekiel 40 ; Ezekiel 48 were written illustrated bible encyclopedia a pupil of Ezekiel was made as a timid suggestion by Volz, but, judging from the tendency of criticism, the origin of these chapters will probably yet become the subject of serious debate.


But in general the conviction illustrated bible encyclopedia that the book is characterized by such unity that we can only accept or reject it as a whole, but that for its rejection there is not the least substantial ground. This leads us to the contents.

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The parts of illustrated bible encyclopedia book are in general very transparent. First of all the book is divided into halves by the announcement of the fall of Jerusalem in Ezekiel 33 ; of which parts the first predominantly deals with punishments and threats; the other with comfort and encouragement.

Possibly it is these two parts of the book that Josephus has in mind when he says Ant. That the introduction of prophecies of redemption after those of threats in other prophetical books also is often a matter of importance, and that illustrated bible encyclopedia right appreciation of this fact is a significant factor in the struggle against the attacks made on the genuineness of these books has been demonstrated by me in my book, Die messianische Erwartung der vorexilischen Prophelen compare for the case of Amos; 62,for the case of Hosea; for Isaiah for Illustrated bible encyclopedia see also my article in Murray's Illustrated Bible Dictionary.

Down to the time when Jerusalem illustrated bible encyclopedia, Ezekiel was compelled to antagonize the hopes, which were supported by false prophets, that God would not suffer this calamity.


Over against this, Ezekiel persistently and emphatically points to this fact, that the apostasy had been too great for God not to bring about this catastrophe.

There is scarcely a illustrated bible encyclopedia of a single command--religious, moral or cultural--which the prophet is not compelled to charge against the people in the three sections, 3: After the five sections of this subdivision I, referring to Israel--each one of which subdivisions is introduced by a new dating, and thereby separated from the others and chronologically arranged 1: The most extensive are those against Tyre and the group of oracles against Egypt, illustrated bible encyclopedia provided with separate dates compare The supplement in reference to Tyre The number seven evidently does not occur accidentally, since in other threats of this kind a typical number appears to have been purposely chosen, thus: Isaiahi.


But what is it? Why does it matter? Why does it matter? How was it written, and how did it come down to us?

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