Linebacker Drill Library. Drills. 1. Angle Run Drill. Step-Over & Back Drill. 2. BP, Shuffle Gopher LB drill. 5. Seat Roll Drill . Get low and rip w/inside hand. As a coach, learning these effective drills and techniques to help make The inside linebacker's toes should be slightly pointed inwards, which. In this drill, we emphasize keeping a great base inside the box, feet never too narrow, no clicking heels, step and replace with your feet. The linebackers line up.


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The player will start about 5 yards from the first can. The opening movement we do is a shuffle through the cans. We have each player shuffle down, the line flips and the players shuffle back. We then proceed inside linebacker drills a crossover run, an M Drill forward inside linebacker drills, backpedal, forward burstand a backpedal weave.

At times, we add in a hop at the end to work on their balance and explosion. Diagram 1 Since we are using this as a warm-up, we continuously remind the guys to focus on their technique and pad level rather than simply racing through the cans.

Finally, a simple way that we consistently stress forcing takeaways is by having the players get used to finishing each drill by catching a football or scooping up a bouncing ball. The more comfortable defensive players inside linebacker drills touching the football, the better.

Everyday Linebacker Drills You Need To Be Using

Reads The most important drill we do as linebackers is our Reads Drill. Some form of this drill is at the inside linebacker drills of every linebacker group. As was previously mentioned, we incorporate cans as offensive linemen specifically, a center and both tackles.

Since our inside linebackers read guard to running backs, we will always have two inside linebackers acting as the guards, and one or two working in as running backs. Our inside linebacker drills linebackers will give the look for their position by playing tight end or slot wide receiver.

#TackleTubeTuesday football drills: Linebacker fill drill

Structurally, we have a coach at about 5 to 6 yards inside linebacker drills center on each side of the formation.

The coach standing on the defensive side will show the offense their movements and make a defensive call. The coach on the offensive side can then act as the quarterback for clean backfield action and to watch the actions of the defenders inside linebacker drills the point of attack.

The defense executes their technique through their gap and flows to the other side while the offensive players turn around and set for the coach to give them direction.

Linebacker Football Drills

The players rotate after two reps so that everyone works in on defense multiple times throughout the period. Diagram 2 Inside linebacker drills, the challenge with this drill is getting the new players into a rhythm of transitioning between offense and defense. The other aspect that sometimes needs to be touched on is defensive line action, depending on the complexity of that within a given scheme and if your players inside linebacker drills capable of seeing the whole picture.

Drops and Ball out Break Primarily, we are a zone dropping team in pass coverage.

These 5 Linebacker Drills Will Get You Better Fast | STACK

inside linebacker drills We work man techniques as well, but on a daily basis, our zone drops are the central focus. Inside linebacker drills necessary checks are called and echoed.

The coach who is playing quarterback calls cadence and the linebackers drop and move with eyes on him. In this way, all of the participating linebackers will practice their drop, vision inside linebacker drills ball out break, with one of them also finishing with an interception.

Due to our landmarked drops, we will move the ball around between the hashes to ensure all of the guys get each drop that would come up throughout the course of a game.

Diagram 3 Depending upon the opponent, or if there are any special route concepts that week, we can add in linebackers who are not currently playing to act as receivers to aid the visualization process.

The final piece we can add to this before we face a scrambling quarterback is to have the coach break contain.

This will allow players to work on their rotation in coverage and any pull up, replace rules.


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