Jump to Short stories - An Unhappy Girl (Несчастная, ); A Strange Story (Странная история, ); A Lear of the Steppes (Степной король Лир. Ivan Turgenev: Russian novelist whose major works include A poet, and playwright whose major works include the short-story collection A. Russian novelist, short story writer, and playwright Ivan Sergeyevich Turgenev's (October 28, – September 3, ) authored a landmark in Russian.


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Its leading character, Bazarov, was in turns heralded and reviled as either a glorification or a parody of the 'new men' of the s. As ivan turgenev short stories translator Richard Freeborn notes, while Turgenev would go on to greater things in both the short story and the novel, he was quite aware of the book's merits.

Best Russian Short Stories/The District Doctor - Wikisource, the free online library

At the time of publication he wrote: This masterful story begins with a description of a July day, and close rendering of the natural world represent one of the deep pleasures of Turgenev's writing. As Edmund Wilson writes, in Ivan turgenev short stories "the weather is never the same; the descriptions of the countryside are quite concrete, and full, like Tennyson 's, of exact observation of how cloud and sunlight and snow and rain, trees, flowers, insects, birds and wild animals, dogs, horses and cats behave, yet they are also stained by the mood of the ivan turgenev short stories who is made to perceive them".

Returning home at the end of this glorious day the hunter becomes lost, and as night falls he passes through a landscape of endless fields, standing stones and terrifying gulfs.

The mood is that of fairytale, but rather than ivan turgenev short stories beings, the hunter eventually finds only a group of boys guarding a drove of horses. Turgenev was not a man of grand passions, although the love story was to provide the most common formula for his fiction, and a love for the renowned singer Pauline Viardotwhom he first met inwas to dominate his entire life.

His relation with Viardot usually has been considered platonicyet some of his letters, often as brilliant in their observation and as felicitous in their manner as anything he wrote, suggest the ivan turgenev short stories of a greater intimacy. Generally, though, they reveal him as the fond and devoted admirer, in which role he was for the most part content.

Best Russian Short Stories/The District Doctor

He never married, though in he had had an illegitimate daughter by a peasant woman at Spasskoye; he later entrusted the upbringing of the child to Viardot. During the s, Turgenev wrote more long poems, ivan turgenev short stories A Conversation, Andrey, and The Landowner, and some criticism.

Having failed to obtain a professorship at the University of St. Petersburg and having abandoned work in the government service, he began to publish short works in prose. Simultaneously, he tried his hand at writing plays, some, like A Ivan turgenev short stories Gentlemanrather obviously imitative of the Russian master Nikolay Gogol.


Of these, The Bachelor was the only one staged at this time, the others falling afoul of the official censors. Others of a more intimately penetrating character, such as One May Spin a Thread Too Finelyled to the ivan turgenev short stories psychological studies in his dramatic masterpiece, A Month in the Country If you knew how important it is for me.

Doctor, for God's sake tell me.

Ivan Turgenev | Biography & Facts |

Am I in danger? I am not frightened of death at all. And suddenly she stretched out her arms, ivan turgenev short stories taking my head in her hands, she kissed it. Believe me, I almost screamed aloud.

I threw myself on my knees, and buried my head in the pillow.

Books by Turgenev, Ivan Sergeevich (sorted by popularity) - Project Gutenberg

She did not speak; her fingers trembled in my hair; I listen; she is weeping. Ivan turgenev short stories began to soothe her, to assure her.

I really don't know what I did say to her. And what do you fear? Lift up your head.

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