Obra de teatro para todas las edades de anthon chejov by ccastillo_ in Types > Instruction manuals, teatro, and guion. Nikolai Ivanov is only 35, a radical and a romantic, but already he's feeling that The Young Chekhov trilogy opened to overwhelming acclaim at Chichester. Uploaded by Jime nita. Rating and Stats. 0Up votes 0Down votes. 49 views. Document Actions. Download. Save.


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Ivanov chejov afflicted by internal conflicts; his loss of appetite for life, love of his wife, and external pressures; managing his estate and his debtscollide in a melodramatic climax. She renounced her Jewish ivanov chejov and converted to Russian Orthodox in order to marry Ivanov.

Paul Lebedev — Chairman of the rural district council.

Confidant and good friend to Ivanov. Zinaida — Lebedev's wife.

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She is a wealthy lender to whom Ivanov owes a large sum of money. Sasha — The Ivanov chejov year-old daughter.

She is infatuated with Ivanov, an infatuation which ends in her nearly marrying ivanov chejov. Eugene Lvov — A pompous young doctor on the council's panel, and an honest man.

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Throughout the play, he moralizes and attacks Ivanov's character. He later resolves to reveal ivanov chejov he believes are Ivanov's intentions in marrying Sasha. Count Matthew Shabelsky — Ivanov's maternal uncle, a geriatric buffoon.

He indulges in antisemitic jokes but his tenderness to Anna is unmistakable. ivanov chejov

Martha Babakina ivanov chejov A young widow, ivanov chejov, and the daughter of a rich businessman. She has a turbulent relationship with the Count. Michael Borkin — A distant relative of Ivanov and manager of his estate.

Somewhat of a jester, he comes out with many money-making schemes throughout the play ivanov chejov including his ivanov chejov for the Count and Martha Babakina to marry. Dmitry Kosykh — An excise officer. Synopsis[ edit ] The play tells the story of Nikolai Ivanov, a man struggling to regain his former glory.

For the past five years, he has been married to Anna Petrovna, a disinherited 'jewess', who has become very ill. Ivanov's estate is run by a distant relative, Mikhail Borkin, who is frequently advising people on how he can help them make money. The doctor, Lvov, an 'honest' man as he frequently reminds the rest of the cast, informs Ivanov that his wife is dying ivanov chejov tuberculosisand that she needs to recover by going to the Crimea.

She needs peace and quiet, not the ivanov chejov torment ivanov chejov doctor seems to feel Ivanoff is causing her.

Ivanov by Anton Chekhov

I thought the doctor might possibly ivanov chejov been in love with Anna himself, because during the entire play he seemed much more upset than he should have been as a professional medical man. He hated Ivanoff with a passion and wanted to let the world know what a scoundrel he truly was.

There is gossip about why Ivanoff ivanov chejov Anna; more gossip about his debts, more gossip about his business dealings, more gossip about his relationship with young Sasha, 20 years old and very much in love with Ivanoff.

I got confused about the man, and also noticed that the rest of the cast seemed to carry the story along more than he did. He was mainly silent and brooding, but when he did speak he did so with great intensity, even while he seemed as confused as I was.

I had an idea of how the play ivanov chejov end, but I changed my mind many times right up to the moment of the final curtain.

I cannot pretend to analyze this play in any sort of intellectual way; I can only say that for me it was a fascinating glimpse at an unusual life. I am glad I read it, and I hope to read more Chekhov soon.

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